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Friesian Horse For Sale Ponies, Rehome Loan in the UK and Ireland 2023

Friesian For Sale

Friesian Horse For Sale Ponies, Rehome Loan in the UK and Ireland 2023

En fonction des lignées et des élevages, un poulain d’une demi-année disposant de tous ses papiers est vendu entre 4000 et 6000 euros. Pour un cheval « plein papier » de 3 ans d’âge, il faut compter entre 7500 et 10 000 euros pour l’acquérir.

Originally from Friesland from which it takes its name, the Frisian is the only native horse in the Netherlands. It is one of the European horse breeds that have kept their purity to this day. With a haughty beauty, this black horse is easily recognized by its extraordinary mane. 

Its characteristics make it a breed that is traded at a high price today. However, many enthusiasts are ready to do anything to acquire this resistant and versatile equine. Are you looking for information about Frisian before you get one? Whether it is for the training of the Frisian, its breeding or its price, find in this guide everything you need to know about this rather particular breed of horse.

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1 The training of the Frisian horse
1.1 The training of Frisian by voice
1.2 Training the Frisian by the legs
1.3 What training accessories will you need?
2 Breeding Frisian
2.1 Breeding of Frisians in the Netherlands
2.2 Breeding of Frisians in France
2.3 Breeding of Frisians in North America
3 How much does a Frisian horse cost?
3.1 Take into account additional costs
4 Uses of Frisian
5 The importance of registering Frisian horse owners in the KFPS

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The training of the Frisian horse

The Frisian is a sought-after horse for high school dressage. The physical characteristics of the animal predestinate it to this activity. Dressage is an art whose objective is to make any saddle horse pleasant and easy to ride. To achieve this goal, the horse must be fairly balanced and obedient to the helpers. It should be straight on the shoulders and hips, but also light on the legs. A well-trained horse will therefore be able to communicate easily with its rider, and the latter will be able to make himself understood by the animal without difficulty. To make the horse acquire these skills, you must remove the resistance and defensive inclinations that it has acquired from its mother’s womb.

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The activity which allows a man to train a horse effectively is breaking out. We start this operation when the animal is still very young. Already at three years old, you can start this first education of your foal. The animal is taught that it can have unconditional trust in its rider. Very sensitive, the Frisian is a horse whose power makes it dangerous when you don’t try to control your movements. You must therefore find him a rider trainer in order to instill in him the right skills.

The trainer, to achieve his goal with a Frisian, must have fairly precise knowledge of the physical and psychological functioning of the foal. In addition to having great precision in movement, the trainer must know the limits of Frisian in order to provide him with the lessons he needs. To achieve his goal, the trainer has several strings to his bow. The means he employs are called “helpers”.

The training of Frisian by voice

The most important aid in horse training is the voice. Depending on what tone you use, you can calm, reassure, encourage, and even reward your Frisian. Likewise, it is possible to use the right words in the correct tone to deter, scold or punish the animal. At first, he may have trouble figuring out the words used by the trainer, but he understands the tones used very easily. Horses, thanks to their sensitivity, know how to identify the feelings that animate their rider. Depending on the trainer’s state of mind (assurance or apprehension, satisfaction or dissatisfaction), the horse acts accordingly.

Raising the Frisian by the legs

Besides the voice, there are many aids that the trainer can use to educate his horse. These include the following natural aids:

  • Legs ;
  • Hands ;
  • The weight of the body;
  • Kidneys.

It is important to master these aids in order to be able to give precise indications to Frisian. You must therefore avoid being clumsy, otherwise you will never be able to keep the horse on the same gait. It would also be impossible to help him change direction or altitude.

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What training accessories will you need?

In addition to natural aids, you have a whole host of artificial aids that you can use to properly educate your equine. Here are a few :

  • The whip;
  • The sapling;
  • The loin ;
  • The caveçon;
  • The chambermaid …

Each of these accessories plays a specific role. However, you have to use them in the right way to get the desired results. This is one of the reasons why it is important to have the assistance of a qualified professional when it comes to training your Frisian.

The breeding of Frisian

The breeder generally manages a group of mares which he owns or not. To do this, he must have knowledge in various fields, namely:

  • Genetic ;
  • Food;
  • The reproduction ;
  • Health ;
  • Education;
  • Manipulation.

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For valuation or marketing, the foals must be grown in optimal conditions. Usually, you need to feed them more than adult specimens. The nutritional needs of the little ones are indeed higher than those of adults. Fodder, cereals (corn, oats, barley, etc.) and concentrated feed (granulated mixtures of cereals, minerals and vitamins) can be used in variable proportions. You can also use supplements such as soy (source of protein) and rice bran (source of fiber). It is also necessary to pay special attention to the treatment of parasites in his horses. Equine dewormers are effective in dealing with them, as long as they are used at the right time and in the right way.

The breeding of Frisian horses offers a very lucrative market. If some horse professionals are only interested in the animal for its market value, the Frisian offers qualities in many areas that should be prioritized.


This royal association of the Friesian horses studbook was born at a time when the breed was on the verge of extinction. Since then, all the Frisians have been identified and the first bases of breeding have been established. These bases are relevant to this day. Thus, the number of Frisians in the world continues to grow from year to year. As an indication, we went from 40,000 individuals to 60,000 between 2007 and 2012.

Breeding Frisians in the Netherlands

In his country of origin, it is not surprising that the breeding of Frisian is of capital importance. These horses are not only in large numbers in the territory, but they are also subject to strict selection. Indeed, the conditions for admitting horses into the breed are quite draconian.

 For example, a simple task on the coat of the animal is enough for it not to be admitted by the association which manages the administration of the stud-book on a worldwide level. Such a mark indicates that the animal has an ancestor who is not purebred. 

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After the crosses made with Spanish horses during the period when the Frisians were close to extinction, the contribution of no other foreign blood is no longer tolerated for the breed. All the horses listed have, however, written the inbreeding rate on their papers to avoid crossing two individuals who have genotypes that are too close.

Breeding of Frisians in France

The introduction of the Frisians in France dates back to 1977.However, the association of this breed only saw the light of day in 1982. It is the Association française du Cheval Frison (AFCF). It is this association which is the only representative of the Dutch stud-book in France. Since the Dutch stud-book is very demanding, the breeding of Frisians in France is not very developed. 

To increase the Frisian population in the country, breeders had to import frozen semen for their mares over many years. However, in recent years, there have been established stallions in France. However, the number of breeders remains very few throughout France. We note that there is therefore a very promising market for the breeding of Frisians in France, as long as we are prepared to stick to the requirements of the Dutch stud-book.

Breeding Frisians in North America

In North America, the association that promotes the Frisians is called the Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA). Affiliated with the Friesian Horse Society (FHS), it only accepts thoroughbred horses, which makes it difficult for breeders to join the circle.

Besides the United States of America and Canada which have around 9% of the global Frisian population, Germany and Belgium are also well represented with 11% and 3% of the international Frisian population respectively. There are also farms of this breed of horse in about fifty countries around the world including:

  • South Africa
  • Australia;
  • Denmark ;
  • Chili ;
  • Austria …

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How much does a Frisian horse cost?

It is very complicated to indicate a price list for horses. For Frisian for example, prices vary and depend on many parameters such as:

  • The phenotypic characteristics of the animal;
  • The physical characteristics of the animal;
  • The capacities of the mount;
  • The uses that are envisaged for the horse.

We note that an equine which is at its beginnings in competitions will cost less than a horse experienced in show jumping. For the Frisians the situation is a little more special. Due to the degree of selection it enjoys, its scarcity has an impact on its price. Since the Netherlands alone has nearly ¾ of the international Frisian herd, they quickly realized the market value of this equine.

Depending on the lines and the breedings, a half-year-old foal with all its papers is sold between 4000 and 6000 euros. For a “full paper” horse of 3 years of age, it takes between 7,500 and 10,000 euros to acquire it. When the line is interesting, you will have to pay more than 12,000 euros to acquire a filly. Those with good origins are indeed more expensive than those intended for breeding. For a Ster mare whose line does not include any other Ster, it will cost nearly 12,000 euros to have her. However, we will cross the bar of 50,000 euros for a Ster mare who has a profusion of Ster in her line.

Take into account additional costs

As can be seen, the prices of Frisian can vary from simple to triple or even more. However, you should not simply limit yourself to the purchase price of the horse to get started. Additional costs must also be taken into account. This relates in particular to expenditure relating to the following items:

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  • The pension ;
  • Food;
  • The farrier;
  • The vaccination ;
  • The equipment …

Frisian: Training, breeding, prices – The complete guide!

The cost of the accommodation method differs depending on whether you choose to shelter your horse at home or to board it. In the first case, you will spend less, but you will have to invest your time to maintain the animal. However, it is advisable to opt for accommodation in specialized centers if you wish to acquire a Frisian.

 Indeed, the animal will benefit from a stricter follow-up in such a universe, although it is necessary to respect the conditions of breeding fixed by the Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek. If you also want your animal to be recognized, you will need to register with the AFCF and stay up to date with regard to annual contributions.

Uses of Frisian

The Frisian is a horse that has small lungs, which does not allow it to access high competition. However, the animal finds its use in many other areas. It sports a muscular and round rump. His back is strong and short. Indeed, its growth ends at the latest at 6 years. For size, this equine measures between 1.55 and 1.65 meters on average. However, some specimens can reach 1.75 m in height and weigh over 800 kg. Its legs have large hooves and large baleen. Thanks to all these characteristics, added to his charisma, his elegance and his entirely black dress, the Frisian is very appreciated for the equestrian show, the circus as well as the Cinema. However, it was used in the past for various purposes including as:

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  • War Horse ;
  • Farm horse;
  • Horse of the Royal Courts of Europe;
  • Sport and leisure horse;
  • Horse of the Flemish bourgeoisie …

Indeed, man has always raised it to use it according to his needs. However, the animal stands out in the team. Energetic trot, superb presence, proven docility, the qualities which make Frisian popular in this discipline are numerous. There are some light Frisians in disciplines such as hiking and TREC. He is also represented in dressage all over the world, except in France. The models of the hexagon are considered to be too typed for this discipline. Like endurance, show jumping is also not a favorite discipline for Frisian.

The importance of registering Frisian horse owners in the KFPS

Being a member of KFPS is a necessity for any owner. Membership is accompanied by a one-off subscription, regardless of your Frisian herd. You will then be able to obtain a certificate of origin for your equines. Nominative and tamper-proof, this certificate verifies the identity of each Frisian. It includes, among other things, information relating to the breeder, parental lines and the unique number of the equine. Without this document, it would be very difficult for you to sell a Frisian.

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Thanks to the R-code that you will receive at registration, you will have access to all the services of the stud-book. Obviously, you will have to pay the annual subscription to preserve your title of member of the stud-book. If you fail to meet this obligation, your horses will be placed outside the stud-book and you will lose all the advantages linked to the KFPS services.

Your horses will therefore no longer be able to participate in any competition, anywhere in the world. To regularize your situation, you will have to pay the contribution as well as the entry fee like a new member.

What to remember from this guide on Frisian? The Frisian is a breed of horse that stands out for its morphology. Depending on its distinctive features and genotype, it can cost the skin of the buttocks. However, we must not only consider its purchase price. 

The purchaser must take into account the associated costs that will have to be borne throughout its lifetime. Still, this calm, gentle and lively animal knows how to be a good companion in any situation. What also commands admiration in this breed is its ability to keep its original racial characteristics over time. All owners must register with the KFPS to have their equines admitted.

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What is the average cost of a Friesian horse?

A purebred, pedigreed Friesian horse inspected and approved by FHANA or Friesian Horse Association North America with special designation may range from $19,900 to $47,900 or more. However, Friesian horses that are either older, younger or have no special studbook designation may cost cheaper.

Why are Friesians so expensive?

Friesian. The price of a Friesian horse can range anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000. … One of the main reasons why Friesians are so valuable is because the breed is still recovering from nearly going extinct in the early 20th century. Even today, Friesians are still considered a rare and endangered breed.

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Are Friesian horses good for beginners?

The Friesian horses are a tall, big-boned equine breed that typically has a black coat with thick manes and tails. … They are also suitable horses for beginners or advanced riders. Friesian horses are majestic animals with great size and color.

Where can I find a Friesian horse?

The Friesian originates in the province of Friesland in the northern Netherlands, where there is evidence of thousands of years of horse populations.

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