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Fragile Items Moving: How to Keep Them Safe

Fragile Items Moving: How to Keep Them Safe

Fragile Items Moving: How to Keep Them Safe

When relocating, there’s a chance that you will need to deal with fragile items, like electronics or glassware when packing. That said, you need to set ample time to concentrate on packing these items to prevent them from breaking when on the move. 

In any case, moving boxes go through a lot of hands when relocating. And, the last thing you’d want is to arrive at your new home, only to realize that your fragile items are broken. So, how do you keep these items safe when relocating? This guide will give you essential tips to help you pack your fragile items when on the move. 

Prepare adequately

Preparation is essential when moving fragile items—otherwise, you risk damaging your fragile items. The first thing to do is to make sure that you use the right packaging materials. This ensures that your items remain secure during the move. Besides, you must gather these items in advance—before the packing process starts. 

The following are the packing materials required:

  • Cardboard boxes – to keep your fragile items
  • Packing tape – to secure the boxes and padding
  • Bubble wraps and padding – to protect your fragile items
  • Markers and labels – to mark your boxes correctly
  • Packing peanuts – to fill empty spaces in the packing boxes
  • Bungee cords or ropes – to hold the packing boxes in place
  • Corrugated inserts – to provide better protection

Although most people use readily available materials in their homes like newspapers and towels, they don’t offer maximum protection to fragile items. However, that doesn’t mean you must spend money on packaging materials. You can use heavy blankets or bedding on your furniture to protect your items. In any case, it’s a good idea to work with long distance movers to make sure your stuff is safe and secure.

Avoid over-packing the boxes

While they might look strong, cardboard boxes can be easily damaged. Thus, don’t over-pack them, as this can make them hold extra weight than they shouldn’t. In case you are concerned about your fragile items, sturdier boxes can withstand punctures or shocks while on the move. 

Also, make sure that you don’t leave any space on your boxes, as this will make your fragile items shift around. Overall, make sure that you minimize the weight of your moving boxes as much as you can. However, you must keep the items as secure and snug as possible. Therefore, you should use the packing supplies highlighted above to minimize the risk of your fragile items knocking together. 

Use packing boxes of different sizes

Most people believe that buying packing boxes of the same size will make their packing easier. However, always use boxes of different sizes when packing items. Use smaller boxes to pack heavier items, and larger boxes to pack lighter items. Besides, place the heavier boxes at the bottom of the moving truck, and the lighter ones on the top. With an assortment of moving boxes, you will have an easier time managing your space when securing the moving boxes on the truck. 

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Cover all specialty items before packing them

If you have large, oddly shaped fragile items, you might have a challenge in finding the ideal packing boxes. In such cases, you will need to invent the ideal packing solution for such items. The first thing to do is to wrap these items with bubble wrap—make sure that you’ve covered all these ends well. Then, use a pliable cardboard box to cover the items. When necessary, place extra pieces of cardboard on top of such items—bending the board until your item is secure. 

Fragile Items Moving: How to Keep Them Safe
Fragile Items Moving: How to Keep Them Safe

Once you’ve fully covered the item, use packing tape to secure the protective material. Make sure that the improvised package is secure enough to prevent the fragile item from slipping out. 

Pack your items separately

According to the experts from Torex, Mississauga Movers than just throwing your fragile items in one box, pack them separately. And, if you have to pack them in one box, wrap them individually. This helps to prevent cracking or breaking. Although it’s fine to pack similar items in one box, avoid placing heavy items on top. This helps to keep your fragile items sage, in addition to helping you know where you’ve placed your items. 

Prepare to unpack

With the proper preparation, packing, and labeling, you shouldn’t have a challenge in unpacking your fragile items. However, you should craft a strategy to set up your new home after relocating.

It’s very easy to focus on packing the fragile items that you forget how to unpack when you arrive at your new destination. When it comes to fragile items, you must have a mental note of where you have packed certain items. This ensures that they don’t get lost or damaged. 

So, it might help to use fragile tape, as this helps to clearly identify your fragile items. Besides, you can also add noticeable stickers on the boxes with fragile items to prevent them from being dropped or moved carelessly. If possible, specify which way up the moving box should be handled. This way, you will be able to avoid unwanted mishandling of your fragile items. 

Fragile Items Moving: How to Keep Them Safe

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