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College Romance: How Many Students Find a Couple in College and How Strong These Relationships Are

College Romance How Many Students Find a Couple in College and How Strong These Relationships Are

College Romance: How Many Students Find a Couple in College and How Strong These Relationships Are

According to the latest stats, the median age of first marriage for US citizens is around 29 for men and 27 for women. These numbers suggest that most people these days put careers first. They go to college, graduate, build a career, settle, and only then get married, years after college graduation.

Nevertheless, college has always been one of those places where people find their significant others. And, despite the growing median age of first marriage in the US, college students didn’t stop creating couples while still being in college. Even these days, many students get into serious relationships. But how lasting can such relationships be?

Challenges Facing College Couples

First and foremost, one thing that gets in the way of college couples is the constant lack of time. Students’ lives are busy with so many things, including work, extracurriculars, and, of course, studies. Often, being loaded with homework, students have barely any time left for their personal lives, and, clearly, this can grow into a real problem for those in relationships. Luckily, there is always a possibility to use writing help by EssayService and delegate your assignments to professional writers. This way, you will save more time to spend with your loved ones. But, there are also other challenges.

Another big issue that gets in the way of college romance is the natural immaturity of students. The college has always been considered a big stage in one’s personality formation and maturation. However, these processes take a while and often continue after graduation, which means that many students still lack maturity when they are in college. Clearly, the immaturity of the two in a relationship can have a destructive effect on the couple.

Finally, one more challenge facing nearly every student couple is a wide range of mental and emotional issues that students are subject to. For example, students are proven to experience increased stress, depression, and anxiety levels while attending college. This ongoing emotional pressure can make it hard for young people to commit to relationships, which often serves as a major reason for breakups.

How Many Students Find a Couple in College?

Despite the possible challenges, college campuses are full of couples. According to stats, around 63% of college women are hoping to meet their soulmates in college. But how many of them actually do?

If you think that the romance on campuses is dead, you are quite wrong. In fact, the dating culture is thriving in colleges. A recent study showed that 61% of students have been on dates with fellow students. What is more, a huge share of college dating grows into real, long-term relationships.

Among those students who develop long-term relationships, some even decide to create families. Currently, around 7% of college undergraduates get married. Though this percentage may not be too big, the numbers change drastically if we also consider older undergrads who are 25 or older.

How Strong Are These Relationships?

So, is college romance a real deal or a waste of time? According to general statistics, around 50% of first marriages in the US tend to last for at least 20 years. For college-educated people, the duration and strengths of their relationships tend to be significantly higher. So, if we talk about students who decided to get married while still being at college, they have pretty good chances that their families will work out.

If we look at college couples who don’t rush things but commit to making their relationships last after graduation, the statistics are also rather positive. A study conducted by Facebook revealed that about 28% of college graduates who are already married are married to someone who has attended the same college. This fact alone proves that you have pretty good odds of meeting your soulmate in college.

Nevertheless, despite the thriving dating culture and all the stats we shared earlier, it is impossible to ignore the growing tendency of students to put their academic and career goals above romantic endeavors. Though college campuses are full of couples, most young people still prefer short-term relationships that don’t get in the way of their academic success.

The Bottom Line

College years are perfect for creating memories, having fun, making mistakes, and, of course, falling in love. There is a prevailing fantasy in the US to meet the love of your life during your student years. And though there are some good odds of turning this fantasy into reality, college dating has many cons, along with many pros.

Whether or not to get into long-term relationships in college is a personal choice that shouldn’t be imposed. And, if you do, it is natural to wonder whether or not you can make your relationship last after graduation. There are many examples of happy families that have been together since college. And, there are also many examples of couples that didn’t work out.

In the end, all we can say is that college romance isn’t dead. But, whether it will work out for you or not is only up to fate. So, don’t rush things, be in the moment, and enjoy your college years to the fullest right here and right now, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not!

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College Romance: How Many Students Find a Couple in College and How Strong These Relationships Are

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