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Choosing the right data only sim plan

Choosing the right data only sim plan

Choosing the right data only sim plan

Most people are using their mobile phone extensively for making and receiving phone calls, smses. While they may use their smartphone for checking, updating their social media accounts and watching videos, residents of Singapore who require a reliable internet connection for professional or educational purposes will find that it is inconvenient to use the mobile phone for internet connectivity.

They will prefer to get a broadband connection with a router for greater reliability. Usually the people in the office or home are sharing the internet connection using WiFi . Like all internet connections, the Wifi connection can fail due to multiple reasons like hardware failure, cable damage, hacking. In this case, the business can be adversely affected. Hence for greater reliability a large number of internet users are interested in finding out about the data only sim plans which are available. Some of the factors which should be considered while choosing data plans are discussed.

Choosing the right data only sim plan
Choosing the right data only sim plan

Data transfer

Some of the internet users plan to use the data only plan for their main internet connection, while the others are only using it for a backup. So it is advisable to check the amount of data transfer which is included in the data plan. Usually 20 GB per month is sufficient for most internet users who are using the data only sim as an alternative to their main Wifi connection.

In a few cases some internet users may use the SIM as their main connection especially if they travel more. In this case, they can opt for a 100 GB monthly data transfer plan, especially if they are running an online business. Typically the data only plan will have more data transfer included compared to a conventional mobile plan, which also includes smses and outgoing phone calls.


One of the main considerations while choosing the data plan, is the reliability, quality of the service. Though the telcos will not specify the quality, the speed of the internet connection will vary depending on different factors, like the number of users who are using their internet connection at that time. So if the data transfer rate, especially download speed is less, the user will waste a lot of time, waiting for pages to open, downloads to be completed.

In some cases, the downloads may not get completed, wasting time and bandwidth. So most mobile plans are similar in quality for voice calls, it is always advisable to check the reviews and feedback from users, regarding the speed of the data plan.

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Since the price of the data plans is low and almost the same for the different telcos, it is important to check how secure the internet connection is. Sometimes, the servers of the telco are hacked to download malware on the computers of the user. In other cases, the server connection is not secure and is used by hackers to steal data from the users computers and browsers.

This data could include credit card data, confidential business information. In some cases,large companies are openly involved in cyber-crime, using the data plan to steal information from the computers of some users, especially small business owners.

Choosing the right data only sim plan

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