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Buy Grey Cockatiels Pet Birds for Sale Types 2022

Cockatiels for Sale

Buy Grey Cockatiels Pet Birds for Sale Types 2022

The Cockatiels is a bird native mainly to Australasia whose scientific name is cacatuidae . It is a very popular pet despite being difficult to care for and being very noisy.

Cockatiels taxonomy
ClassBirds 🐦
Name in englishCockatiels
Weight300 to 1,200 g ⚖
Size30 to 60 cm
OriginAustralasia 🌎
Life expectancy10 to 70 years 💓

Cockatiels characteristics

The Cockatiels are birds of medium to large (typically measure between 30 and 60 cm long). These birds stand out for having a kind of crest on their head called a plume , which they display when they are excited or when they perch after flying . Like parrots, they have a large , curved beak , which they keep sharp by brushing their upper jaw with the lower one when at rest. They also share the morphology of the feet; they have two fingers forward and the other two back .

The feathers of Cockatiels are less vivid in color than those of parrots and are usually white , gray or black . Some species have small areas with more striking colors such as yellow or red.

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These animals have short legs and strong claws, which they often use for walking. They also use their beak as a third leg to climb branches. They have large, long wings that they use to fly at fast speeds of up to 70 km / h. Some species of Cockatiels, however, have shorter wings so they do not reach as high a speed as possible.

Cockatiels are known to be rowdy , making loud , squeaky sounds that serve to recognize each other, show their mood, and as a warning when defending their nest.

These birds are diurnal and need sunlight to search for food . They are very social animals and move, eat and rest in very noisy flocks . The size of the flocks usually varies depending on the availability of food, forming flocks of thousands of specimens in times of drought. Like other species of birds, Cockatiels are monogamous and create strong bonds with their mate that last for many years.

Cockatiels are very versatile when it comes to eating and feed on a wide variety of foods of plant origin , the seeds being what they consume the most.

What are Cockatiels like?

These are the main characteristics of Cockatiels:

  • Class: ave
  • Length: between 30 and 60 cm
  • Weight: between 300 and 1,200 grams
  • Longevity: between 10 and 70 years
  • Maturity:  3-7 years
  • Reproduction : oviparous
  • Young per clutch: 2 to 5 eggs
  • Incubation: 20-28 days
  • Habits: diurnal
  • Diet: herbivorous
  • Character: dependent, sociable and territorial

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Nymph or Carolina Cockatoo

How many years do Cockatiels live?

Cockatiels are quite long-lived birds but their life expectancy can vary a lot depending on the species of Cockatiels. In general, they live between 10 and 60 years . For example, the nymph Cockatiels lives between 10 and 20 years, the galerita Cockatiels lives between 20 and 40 years and the alba (white) Cockatiels lives between 40 and 60 years. This value can also vary depending on the quality of life that the animal has.

🐦Types of Cockatiels

There are different classes of Cockatiels and some of these species are in danger of extinction due to human factors such as deforestation or the capture of specimens in the wild for illegal sale .

Galerita Cockatiels

The galerita Cockatiels or yellow bow Cockatiels is a very common type of Cockatiels as a pet bird and is native to Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It is a large Cockatiels , it can measure up to 55 cm long and weigh 900 g. In this breed of Cockatiels the female is usually larger . Their entire body is white except for their crest , which is pale yellow . It may have slightly yellowish areas under the wings and tail . It has colored legs and beakdark gray .

In general, they are gregarious Cockatiels , that is, they need company to be happy. In cold season the flocks have more than a hundred galleries. These birds feed on the ground, while other companions keep watch.

The galerite Cockatiels , in captivity, has a life expectancy of between 40 and 50 years , although there are cases of galerite Cockatiels that have exceeded 50 years.

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Specimen of cockatoo galerita on a branch

Galerita Cockatiels characteristics

Cockatiels alba

The white Cockatiels or cacatúa alba is a species of Cockatiels endemic to certain islands of Indonesia and they have white plumage . The legs and the beak are dark gray . Alba Cockatiels are one of the most gregarious of the Cockatiels breeds . They are outgoing and very affectionate when they gain confidence, they always want to attract attention . It is not a recommended bird for beginners as it requires demanding care and rigorous education to avoid behavior problems.

The life expectancy of the Cockatiels alba in captivity is 40 to 60 years .

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Specimen of cacatúa alba or white cockatoo on a branch

Alba Cockatiels characteristics

Nymph Cockatiels

The nymph , cocotilla or carolina Cockatiels is a type of cockatoo that comes from Australia and is one of the most common pet birds . This kind of Cockatiels is one of the smallest and measures around 25 and 33 cm. It has a characteristic appearance and like most Cockatiels it has an erectile crest and very long tail feathers . Its body is gray , its face and crest are yellow, and it has an orange spot on each cheek . Nymph females have rows of small yellow spotsunder its wings and yellow tail. His name in English is Cockatiel.

In general, these birds are quite attached to their owners if they get used to the contact from a young age. Males of this species can sing and imitate melodies or the song of other birds . The females, on the other hand, do not vocalize as much but are usually more affectionate. They are intelligent and docile birds .

The nymphs have a life expectancy of between 10 and 14 but if you care and feed them properly can live 20 years.

If you want to know how to distinguish if a nymph is male or female, you can read our article How to know if a nymph is male or female?

Do you want to know what types of nymph exist and how to distinguish them? Read our article Types of nymphs

Specimen of nymph, carolina or cocotilla cockatoo on a branch, it is a male

Nymph Cockatiels characteristics

Sulfur Cockatiels

The sulfur cockatoo is a type of Cockatiels that is in serious danger of extinction . It is native to East Timor and Indonesia and inhabits forests and cultivated areas. This Cockatiels is very similar to the galerita Cockatiels, as it has white plumage and a yellow crest or plume , although it is smaller and more orange and intense in color. Another difference is that this one has slightly yellow cheeks . The sulfur Cockatiels usually measures between 32 and 35 cm (11 cm are tail). The beak and legs are also dark gray .

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Generally, this kind of Cockatiels is affectionate and docile if treated well. Can learn words by repetition , whistle, and imitate other birds .

The sulfur Cockatiels has a life expectancy of around 40 years .

Sulfur cockatoo specimen on a branch

Sulfur Cockatiels characteristics

Inca Cockatiels

The Inca Cockatiels or flag Cockatiels is endemic to central Australia and usually measures around 35 and 40 cm. It is a physically striking bird as it has a crest of varied and very vivid colors and a white plumage with shades of warm colors such as pink. They are birds that adapt easily to people as long as they feel protected. The Inca Cockatiels come to live between 40 and 60 years .

Specimen of Inca cockatoo or flag cockatoo on a branch

Inca Cockatiels characteristics

Galah Cockatiels

The Galah Cockatiels or pink Cockatiels is a type of Cockatiels native to Australia. Has a unique plumage represented mainly by having the body of deep pink and wings and tail gray . It also has a pale pink crest and its beak is pale in color . The males of this species are slightly larger than the females and with a more rounded head. Formerly the Galah Cockatiels had a life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years, but today, thanks to a greater knowledge about it and its proper care, this Cockatiels it can live up to 40 years .

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Galah cockatoo or pink cockatoo on a branch

Galah Cockatiels characteristics

Philippine Cockatiels

The Philippine Cockatiels is a class of Cockatiels endemic to the Philippines that is critically endangered and fortunately not found in captivity. This Cockatiels is usually between 30 and 32 cm in length. It is a white Cockatiels with a yellow or pink crest . It is easy to distinguish from the other Cockatiels because it has the area of ​​the cloaca (cavity open to the outside for the expulsion of waste) reddish (the front part of the tail). This kind of Cockatiels usually flocks and is very noisy .

The Philippine Cockatiels can live up to 50 years .

Philippine cockatoo specimen on a branch

Philippine cockatoo characteristics

Blood cockatoo

The blood cockatoo is a species of cockatoo native to Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. This kind of cockatoo is usually 35 to 40 cm long. It has the body white and is characterized by the area of the eyes and beak color pink . The eye rings are grayish blue . The blood cockatoo has a life expectancy of between 50 and 70 years .

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Specimen of blood cockatoo on a branch and with outstretched wings

Blood cockatoo characteristics

Digging cockatoo

The burrowing cockatoo (cacatua pastinator ) is a class of cockatoo native to Western Australia. These cockatoos are between 40 and 48 cm tall. They have white plumage except for the area of ​​the beak that is pink and the lower part of the wings that are yellow . Like the blood cockatoo, it has blue eye rings and, in this case, its legs are also blue . The beak of the burrowing cockatoo is whitish . It also has an erectile crest , but this is small compared to other cockatoos. The burrowing cockatoo has a life expectancy of between 50 and 60 years .

Specimen of burrowing cockatoo or pastinator on a branch

Digger cockatoo characteristics

Red-tailed cockatoo

The red-tailed cockatoo is a class of cockatoo endemic to Australia. These cockatoos are large and can measure approximately 60 cm long. The males of this type of cockatoo are completely black except for the lateral area of ​​the tail which is red . The females, which are usually smaller, have the head, chest, wings and tail with small yellow spots . They have a fairly large black crest or plume and a dark gray bill. The beak of the females is off- white . The red-tailed cockatoo has alife expectancy between 40 and 70 years .

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Pair of red-tailed cockatoos on a branch, a male and a female

Red-tailed cockatoo characteristics

Mourning cockatoo

The mourning cockatoo is a class of cockatoo that lives in the jungles of New Guinea. It is one of the largest cockatoo breeds , as it usually measures between 51 and 64 cm. This cockatoo is characterized by having all black plumage except for its featherless cheeks , which are deep red . Its erectile crest or plume is curved back and measures 15 cm. The mourning cockatoo does not usually feed in flocks as most cockatoos do, but we usually find it alone , in pairs or in small groups . The life expectancy of themourning cockatoo is about 60 years old .

Specimen of cockatoo in mourning on a branch

Characteristics of the mourning cockatoo

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Buying a cockatoo

If you are considering adopting a cockatoo as a pet, you must bear in mind that it is a great commitment (remember that these animals are very long-lived and require a lot of attention and care). In order to keep your cockatoo and give it a good quality of life, you will need time, money, patience, desire and love.

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Where to buy a cockatoo

Before going to a store or a breeder to look for your new companion, consider going to a rescue or shelter center . Unfortunately, they often have cockatoo specimens that have been abandoned by owners who acquired them on impulse and are now waiting for a second chance .If you decide to buy it, we recommend that you go to a specialized breeder who inspires you confidence. You can also go to a pet store but the copies of a good breeder have more guarantees of being healthy and well cared for , and you will be able to know all the information you need; If the breeder can answer all your questions about the cockatoo and how it was raised, it means that it is most likely to be trusted.

Cockatoo price

The cockatoos are birds less economical we can take home as a pet. Some species are more accessible while others have a higher price. In any case, prices will vary depending on the specimen and the breeder or store where we go. Keep in mind, that in addition to the cockatoo, you must buy a cage, food and accessories to be able to maintain it properly, for which you will also have to invest money.

The most common and accessible pet cockatoos are the nymph or carolina cockatoos . This species of cockatoo has a price of between 30 and 50 euros.The rest of the species , of which we can have at home, have a price that ranges between 1000 and 5000 euros . For example, if we want to adopt an albacore cockatoo , it will cost us between 1000 and 1500 euros per specimen. It is very important, if we are thinking of buying a cockatoo of these characteristics, that it be legally , with papers and with the supervision of a qualified veterinarian .

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Galerita or yellow bow cockatoo

Behavior of cockatoos

The cockatoos , except for the nymph cockatoo birds are large , territorial and with character . If they believe that someone unknown is invading their space, they will not hesitate to be aggressive.

These birds need exercise and mental stimulation with games and objects to avoid boredom and frustration. Cockatoos are animals that need a lot of attention and a lot of play to be happy. It can be said that they have a childish behavior , because they get angry and aggressive if they do not have attention or do not have what they want.

Cockatoos give us a lot of information with their body movements , it is enough that we look closely and have certain notions about their behavior to be able to understand them .

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Move the tail

Cockatoos also wag their tails from side to side when they are happy .

Get closer to you

If the cockatoo follows you with its head up, it means that it is happy that you are there .

Sing, whistle and chirp

When cockatoos are happy they like to sing, whistle or chirp a bit.

Dilated pupils

If your eyes are dilated it may mean that you are getting angry .

Lower your head and ruffle your feathers

If you observe these signs, it means that she is very angry . If, in addition, he follows you in this position, he is telling you that he wants you to stay away .

Try to bite you

If your cockatoo tries to bite you, it will pounce on you .


Usually when cockatoos get angry and pounce on you they will hiss before biting you .


If the cockatoo moves its wings up and down widely, it is a sign that it is upset .

Hit with the pick

Generally, males especially, hit things with their beaks. This behavior is because they want to get the attention of you or the object. Nymph cockatoos often fall in love with you, another bird, an object, and even their own reflection. They usually lean and whistle towards said person, bird or thing.

Little jumps

When a cockatoo jumps it means that it is trying to attract attention . In the case of hops, the desire for attention is more intense than blows with the beak. If your cockatoo jumps, it is asking for your attention .

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Loud screaming

When the cockatoo emits loud squeaks, usually accompanied by other behaviors, it means that it is trying to get your attention .

Head snaking

When the cockatoo moves its head gently from side to side, it does so because it wants to be looked at .

Raise the feathers of the head

If the cockatoo raises its crest it is possible that it is trying to attract a mate , it is defending its territory or it is excited .

Form a fan with the tail

When cockatoos court a mate, they often open their tail feathers, wings, and head crest. It can also indicate that you are defending your territory .

Female nymph, carolina or cocotilla cockatoo on a branch

Caring for a cockatoo

Cockatoos are very affectionate and affectionate pets but we must provide them with adequate care so that they have a good quality of life and are happy.

Cockatoo cage

For our cockatoo we must have a spacious cage where they can move without difficulty . It must be borne in mind that they will spend their whole life or a large part of it in it, so we must spend some time choosing a good cage.

Voltrega 851 Nymph Cage

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DZL brand parrot cage

Dark gray cockatoo cage 156 x 46 x 46 cmSee on Amazon

Zolux brand parrot cage

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Zolux white cage for cockatoo 76 x 76 x 151 cmSee on Amazon

Cage for nymphs or carolines Voltrega 850

Voltrega 850 nymph cage 40 x 70 x 65 cmSee on Amazon

Large cage for parrots

Cockatoo cage 81 x 78 x 155 cmSee on Amazon

Park cage for parrots of the Moly brand

Large cage for cockatoos with Park 115 x 90.5 x 160 cmSee on Amazon


The bigger the cage, the better. The cage must have a minimum size that will be 1.5 times the size of its wingspan (the size with the wings spread). The space occupied by the accessories must be in addition to this measure.

In the case of the nymph cockatoo , being small, the size of the cage must be at least 3 times larger than its wingspan so that it can move freely.


The distance between the bars in the case of cockatoos can be 3 cm . In the case of nymph cockatoos, it should be a maximum of 2 cm .


The cages are more appropriate than circular as well as being more spacious, are beneficial for them psychologically.


They should be metal cages and they should be washable and resistant . It should not have any sharp points or edges that could harm the cockatoo. It should also not have toxic paints .


In the lower part there should be a sliding tray to be able to remove the stools on a daily basis .


The opening door must be leak proof as they can learn to open them.


The cage should be in a place with sunlight but without being direct and avoiding drafts and humidity , since cockatoos are prone to respiratory problems. In addition, you should be in a quiet space in the house without noise so that you do not stress, but where you can have company . Choose a space in the house where you spend a lot of time.

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Cockatoos need to be able to get out of the cage every day for a couple of hours for them to exercise. Otherwise they would be very unhappy and sick.


We must clean the cage at least once a week to ensure that our cockatoo is in a clean and healthy environment. Every week we will have to clean the entire cage and its accessories with soap and water to remove dirt and organic debris. Once this is done, we must disinfect it to eliminate fungi and bacteria that can make our cockatoo sick. If we don’t clean with soap first to remove dirt, disinfecting won’t do any good. To disinfect, we will use a slightly toxic disinfectant with a not very strong odor or we can use bleach diluted in warm water. Once disinfected, we must rinse everything wellso that there are no disinfectant remains and we will dry it thoroughly so that there is no moisture that can generate fungi. We can leave it in the sunlight for a couple of hours .


Inside the cage, we must provide our cockatoo with various accessories necessary for its food and for it to have a good quality of life.


Ideally, both the feeder and the drinker should be stainless steel containers , as they are easy to clean. We will have to renew with clean water every day and clean the drinker and the feeder once a week together with the cage. Since cockatoos usually feed on the ground, it is best to put the feeder in the lower part of the cage.

Stainless steel feeder for cockatoos

See feeders and drinkers


We will have to place one or more perches in the cage so that it can climb and walk throughout the cage. The natural wood perches that we can buy in pet stores are ideal , although we will have to replace them from time to time because they end up breaking. Plastic hangers are more durable but they are not suitable for them since they are regular and do not exercise their legs .

Natural branch perch for cockatoos

See hangers

It is important not to put hangers too close together as you will not be able to move between them. In the case of nymph cockatoos, we can put more perches and put some in the shape of a ladder.


We can put toys in the cage of our cockatoo so that it is distracted . The important thing is that they have a lot of variety , we can change toys every so often so that they do not get bored. We can also put them toys wooden special for them so that roan and peck to maintain a healthy peak , because they like to destroy things . We can also provide her with toys when we take her out of the cage to exercise. We will make sure to clean the toys once a week with the rest of the cage.

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Hanging toy for cockatoos

See toys

Feeding a cockatoo

The cockatoos are granivorous animals so the basis of their diet are the seeds . The amount of food that we will give you will depend a lot on the activity you do daily and the size of the cockatoo. Cockatoos in the wild base a large part of their diet on seeds, but they travel many kilometers in search of food, so they use a lot of energy. The feeding of our cockatoo will be based on a part of a dry ration and a part of a wet or fresh ration . If you exercise more or it is colder we will give you more seeds but if, on the contrary, you are more sedentary we will give you more fruit and vegetables and fewer seeds. We can also give you a low-fat feed.

Dry food

The dry ration will consist of a mixture of specific seeds for cockatoos that we can find in pet stores and / or feed for cockatoos .

Cockatoo seed mix

Some mixes made of seeds usually contain many pipes that are very caloric , so we will limit their consumption or even give them to you as a reward . We can also make our own seed mix with:

  • Son
  • Birdseed
  • Wheat
  • Integral rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Buckwheat
  • Hempseed
  • Sorghum
  • Safflower

The more variety , the better nutrition our cockatoo will have.

As for the specific extruded feed for cockatoos, we should choose one that does not have excessive fat (it should not have more than 6% fat), since our cockatoo will lead a sedentary life. We can go to an exotic veterinarian for advice on what type of feed we can give our cockatoo.

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I think for cockatoos

We can alternate the feed with the seeds if our cockatoo is used to both.

Wet food

The wet ration for our cockatoo will consist of a fruit and vegetable salad , with a minimum of 3 fruits and 3 different vegetables a week. Cockatoos, especially nymphs, are very fond of green leaves . We can hang a lettuce leaf, for example, in the cage so that they can peck.

Image of canons


  • Lettuce (not very nutritious and satiating)
  • Chard
  • Chicory
  • Endive
  • Arugula
  • Canons
  • Celery
  • Dandelion
  • Endive
  • Cabbage
  • Watercress
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Thistle leaves


  • Red and green pepper
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot
  • Zucchini
  • Beetroot
  • Green beans in pod
  • Broccoli

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Image of cucumber cut into slices


In the case of nymph Cockatiels we will give them fruit 3 times a week and if they are eaten well. Sometimes it happens that there are nymphs that like fruit , if that is the case, it is no problem not to give them fruit. It may be that they do like the fruit but they do not like to eat it in pieces from the feeder, as it does not resemble the natural shape of the fruit. In that case, we can try hanging the largest piece of fruit in the cage for him to peck. With vegetables, seeds and / or feed you will have a good diet.

  • Acid apple
  • Strawberries
  • grenade
  • Tangerine
  • Cherries
  • Apricot
  • Grapefruit
  • Peach
  • Blueberry
  • Blackberries
Image of an apple cut into slices


We can occasionally give them a snack for Cockatiels or nymphs, or a pipe as a reward .

  • Small sunflower seeds
  • Panzino on branch
  • Sugar-free whole grains
  • Wild berries
  • Snacks for parrots
Cockatoo seed snack

See snacks


Our Cockatiels must have a container with warm water most of the time, as they like to bathe a lot and in this way they stay clean. The baths that are given with the water are also a good way to have fun. If we put the bathtub in the cage, we must make sure to renew the water daily so that it is always clean and bacteria do not appear. If our Cockatiels does not feel safe to get into the water by herself, we can spray it with warm water with a spray to clean its feathers.

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Cockatiels health

Cockatiels are very sensitive and can get sick for different reasons such as poor diet , poor handling , drafts , stress , etc. These birds need kind and delicate treatment . It is essential to take our Cockatiels periodically to an exotic vet to keep track of its health.

We can look at the different signals:

  • Move the tail up and down
  • He sits
  • Sneezing
  • Mucus
  • Apathy
  • Excessive sleep
  • Lack of hunger or thirst
  • Lose your voice
  • Changes in the appearance of stool
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Discharge in the beak
  • Irregular breathing
  • Mucus
  • Abnormal behavior

If our Cockatiels has any of these symptoms, we should take it to an exotic vet to examine it and give us proper advice.

Common diseases of Cockatiels

Cockatoos can get sick for different reasons, be it due to a genetic issue, contagion or poor care (diet, conditions, hygiene, …).


Many Cockatiels suffer from obesity due to excess seeds as they do not exercise enough to burn all those calories. Obesity can lead to more serious problems such as heart, liver, metabolic, hormonal problems, etc.


Lipomas are fatty tumors that are benign but Cockatiels occurring in poorly nourished . They can grow and be annoying to them.


Gout is a disease that can be due to an incorrect diet , among others.

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If our Cockatiels diet has too much protein or is not adequate, it can suffer serious kidney problems .


The deficiency of some nutrients and liver problems can manifest themselves by white discolorations on the feathers.


This problem arises when females in breeding season do not have enough calcium . Hypocalcemia can cause broken bones or eggs to get stuck inside .

Reproduction of Cockatiels

Cockatiels are monogamous birds , so they choose a mate to breed with and live with their entire lives . In the case of Cockatiels, it is not necessary to keep them separate and put them together only during the breeding season, as there are no selection or fighting problems. Females reach sexual maturity between 3 and 7 years, later than males.

CCockatiels nest in hollow trees , 7 or 8 meters above the ground, and they always return to the same nest to breed. Courtship is only carried out by black Cockatiels, during incubation.

Female Cockatiels lay 2 to 5 eggs at a time. Incubation times vary depending on the breed: nymph Cockatiels incubate them for 20 days , while the albacore Cockatiels does it for 28 days . Generally, both the female and the male take care of this task.

The nestlings of Cockatiels are born deaf and blind and must be fed by their parents during the first 6 weeks. After two months, they can be separated to finish developing and exercising.

Cockatoo baby, hatchling or chick

Nymph Cockatiels video

Are you ready to adopt a nymph Cockatiels? Nymph Cockatiels are calm, intelligent, quiet and very affectionate animals. But they also require specific care and a lot of attention on our part. In this video we explain everything you need to know to have a Cockatiels and help you reflect on whether you are ready for it.

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Cockatiels for Sale
Cockatiels for Sale

What is the average price for a cockatiel? Breeder

Lutino Cockatiel$150 to $250
Cinnamon Cockatiel$130 to $160
Pied Cockatiel$110 to $170
Pearl Cockatiel:$150 to $200

What is the cheapest cockatiel breed?

Pet shops sell the common grey cockatiel (called “normals”) for $50 to $70, but often breeders sell normals for as low as $25. The grey normals are the healthiest of all the colors, but the birds also come in cinnamon, lutino (a white bird with a rosy cheek patch) and pearl.

Which is the best cockatiel bird?

Go with the classic, gray-feathered cockatiel for the most affordable option. The classic cockatiel has mostly gray feathers on its body, with patches of white here and there. It also has a vibrant yellow crest on its head and tiny orange patches on its cheeks.

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Do cockatiels live 25 years?

As you could have guessed, captive cockatiels have a better life expectancy than wild ones. … In fact, even 20 to 25 years and up are not unheard of by any means for captive cockatiels!

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