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Baby Turtles For sale Near Me in Australia Reptiles & Amphibians 2022

Turtles For sale Near Me

Baby Turtles For sale Near Me in Australia Reptiles & Amphibians 2022

En France, plusieurs espèces peuvent être adoptées légalement. Mais il faut savoir que la tortue de Hermann, la tortue Grecque et la tortue de Floride sont protégées par un arrêté. Elles ne peuvent être achetées, vendues, ni même données.

The terrestrial turtle is part of the NAC (New pets) and is more and more inviting in our homes. However, you should know that there are a multitude of species and that all have different needs. In addition, the law protects certain endangered species and regulates or prohibits their adoption. Better to think before committing! Discover our advice on which land turtles to adopt and the precautions to follow.

Adopting a land Turtles For sale Near Me : which species?  What precautions?
Turtles For sale Near Me

What species of land turtles to adopt?

The land turtle is an animal that should not be adopted lightly, as some species can live over 50 or 60 years. In addition, they are ectothermic reptiles, that is to say that their body temperature varies according to that of the ambient air; it is therefore important to ensure that the natural living conditions of turtles are reproduced. You should know that a turtle is cold below 25 ° C. They are diurnal animals, which hibernate in winter, and for the most part solitary, not very inclined to live in community.

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What does French law say?

In France, several species can be legally adopted. But you should know that Hermann’s turtle, the Greek turtle and the Florida turtle are protected by decree. They cannot be bought, sold, or even given away. While the Florida turtle cannot be adopted due to the threat it poses to the ecological balance – since many specimens were released into the wild by oblivious owners when they were still legally sold – Hermann’s turtles and Greek can be bred after obtaining an AEA, a Breeding Authorization for approval. These strict regulations, in force since 2007, protect these endangered species due to their intensive marketing.

What are the species of land turtles to adopt?

To start or not in turtle breeding, several species are easy to breed.

  • the Testudo : this species of terrestrial turtle is native to the Mediterranean basin. It is subdivided into 5 small species, since they measure between 7 and 35 cm for 700 g to 7 kg. Hermann’s tortoise and the Greek tortoise are part of it and remain protected due to their endangered situation.
  • the steppe turtle ( Agrionemys horsfieldii ) : this species is very present in pet stores, but it remains sensitive and will need regular attention and care. Demanding, it is often reserved for connoisseur and experienced breeders.
  • the spurred tortoise ( Centrochelys sulcata ) and the leopard tortoise( Stigmochelys pardalis ) : these large species native to Africa reach very quickly 50 to 70 cm. They are nonetheless very easy to breed, including for beginners, but they will have to be provided with space, both outdoors and in terrariums.
  • the Balkan turtle : easy to breed, this Eastern European turtle adapts very well to the French climate. With its 20 to 30 cm, it appreciates large terrariums and outdoor enclosures.

Where to adopt your turtle?

There are two ways to legally adopt a turtle:

  • in a pet store : this solution is most often chosen, but be sure to buy your pet from a reputable and trusted pet store. Indeed, not all of them know how to take care of turtles. Check that the turtle is of a good appearance (clean, healthy shell and skin without injury, regular breathing, no suspicious discharge), that the rearing conditions are optimal (UV lamp, controlled humidity level) and that the animal is well fed.
  • at a professional breeder : make sure that the breeding conditions are good, as in a pet store, and that the breeder is in good standing. Do not hesitate to ask him for documents attesting to his right to breed and sell turtles.

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How to breed a land turtle and what precautions should you take?

Adopting a land turtle should be a thoughtful action, because in addition to its longevity, it is an animal that has very specific needs and that requires specific care. In addition, some species are much more fragile than others.

The habitat

Young turtles must live in terrariums all year round, as they remain fragile. Once adults, they can roam outside, but only on sunny days. Indeed, turtles are not made to live permanently outdoors.

  • the terrarium: it must be heated to allow the animal to better regulate its temperature. Prefer it in glass, as it is stronger and retains heat better. It must measure at least 1 meter long and 50 cm wide, or even more for a large species. Install a specific UVA and UVB lamp to maintain a good temperature, while preserving a cooler corner, in the form of a hiding place. As for the soil, a suitable soil will be ideal.
  • outdoors: A healthy adult turtle can live outdoors between March and October. Plan an enclosure or enclose your garden well and provide it with cool hiding places. Remember to provide him with something to hydrate and eat.


Not all species of land turtles have the same diet; some are herbivorous, others carnivorous and still others omnivorous. Either way, they all need a varied, healthy and balanced diet rich in calcium to preserve their shell.

  • herbivores eat fruits and vegetables, as well as certain flowers (poppy, dandelion, etc.).
  • carnivores eat insects (worms, cockroaches, crickets, etc.).
  • omnivores eat both types of food.


Not all species of land turtles need to hibernate; Find out well beforehand. For those who hibernate, the times are variable: 4 weeks for young turtles and up to 20 weeks for adults.

Hibernation takes place between October and March and it is getting ready. You will need to make sure that your turtle is healthy and large enough to go through this period without feeding. In the month leading up to hibernation, begin to cut back little by little and stop feeding for the two days before hibernation. You can also bathe it for a few minutes in lukewarm water (25 to 30 ° C).

Place your turtle in a container containing loose soil, straw, hay and leaves then place it in a quiet place between 5 and 10 ° C. Check your turtle’s weight regularly during the hibernation period. If she loses too much, wake her up to feed her.

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At the end of the hibernation period, wake your pet up by gradually increasing the temperature and exposing it to light. Rehydrate him by giving him lukewarm water baths and wait a week to reintroduce a gradual diet.

Can you legally own a turtle? In which cases can one acquire one?

In the 1970s and 1980s, acquiring a turtle was easy. These reptiles were sold in large quantities and legally in pet shops, markets, fairs … Today, their trade and detention are strictly regulated. 

Land turtles

The two most common land turtles in our gardens are Hermann’s Turtles (Testudo hermanni), and Greek Turtles (Testudo graeca). Two species often mistakenly confused.

Hermann’s Tortoise is the only land turtle living in France in the wild. Originally from the south of France, it is now endangered (fires, urbanization, use of pesticides, predators …).
The Greek Tortoise, massively imported from North Africa until the mid-1980s, owes its name to the designs of its scales which recall Greek mosaics. Tens of millions of these animals were taken from their wild environment according to CITES (Washington Convention).

In France, these two turtles are todaydecree of 19 November 2007 which fixes the list of amphibians and reptiles protected throughout the territory and the terms of their protection. 

Therefore, it is forbidden to buy them, sell them, give them away, transport them and, of course, concerning Hermann’s turtles, to take them in the wild and to collect them, whether they are alive, injured or dead.

For those who already own these turtles, the decree of August 10, 2004 authorizes their detention under certain conditions:

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  • up to 6 adult individuals: you must apply for a detention authorization from the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DSV) in your department.
  • beyond 6: it is necessary to obtain a Certificate of Capacity and an opening authorization (list of documents to be provided to be collected from the DSV). 

Florida turtle

Regarding the infamous Florida Turtle (Trachemys scripta elegans) or Red-headed Turtle, this freshwater turtle despite its name is not only found in Florida but widespread in parts of North America and America. from South.

For years, pet stores have sold thousands of them. Purchased cheaply, they ended up in small bean-shaped basins. Buyers, often poorly advised by traders, did not know that they could live almost 60 years. Not to mention the fact that these baby turtles grow larger and can grow up to 30cm and weigh 2-3kg as adults. There followed a massive release of these animals into ponds, rivers and other courses of 

The Florida turtle has thus become a threat to the ecological balance. Very voracious and resistant, it is a formidable new predator for small aquatic fauna and has no enemies. It is above all a threat to the European Pond Turtle, a species of native turtle found in Switzerland and France.

Faced with the danger represented by this turtle, the European Union banned its importation in 1997. Now prohibited for sale, their possession is regulated (check with the DSV in your region). Some specialized centers in France collect these neglected turtles, in particular Le village des tortues and Ligue pour la protection des tortues .

In any case, respect the environment and do not release your animals (land turtles and water turtles) in the wild. For any information request, do not hesitate to contact the Directorate of Veterinary Services in your department.

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How much should a turtle cost? Breeder

Painted Turtle:$20-40
Box Turtle:$25-50
Red-Eared Slider:$10-30
Common Wood Turtle:$20-100
Turtles For sale Near Me
Turtles For sale Near Me

Can you legally buy a turtle?

Some native snakes, lizards, geckos, dragons and turtles can be kept as pets as long as you have a licence.

What is the best turtle to have as a pet?

The Best Pet Turtles (Top 6)
Pond Slider (Red-Eared Slider / Cumberland Slider) Read Eared Slider. Quick Facts. …
Eastern Box Turtle. Eastern Box Turtle. …
Painted Turtle. Painted Turtle. …
False Map Turtle. False Map Turtle. …
African Aquatic Sideneck Turtle. African Sideneck Turtle. …
Razor-Backed Musk Turtles. Razorback Musk Turtle.

What is the cheapest turtle to buy?

Here is a general price range for some of the more common types of turtles and tortoises if you are based in North America.
Red-eared slider $5-$25.
Common snapping turtle $20-$40.
Common painted turtle $20-$40.
Musk turtle $20-$40.
Common wood turtle $20-$100.
Albino red-eared slider ~$1,000.

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