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An Extended list of Home Automation Components

An Extended list of Home Automation Components

An Extended list of Home Automation Components

We’re at the height of a home automation revolution and many manufacturers and makers are pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible to automate in our homes and make it easier and easier for anyone to get involved and start turning their home into a smart home. Here is a list of the many different home automation components available and what they’re used for.

Smart Lighting

Perhaps one of the first smart devices to gain popularity in home automation systems was smart lighting. 

Usually made up of a hub that supports different components of a lighting system, like smart bulbs, LED strips, and even downlights, a smart lighting system is a great option for those looking to get their feet wet with home automation. Use smart lighting to control not only when lights should be turned on or off on a timer or based on certain conditions, but to install lights that you can control remotely and even set the colours on the fly. Smart lighting can use Wi-Fi, or a purpose-built protocol called Zigbee for its operation and control.

Smart Switches

Smart switches are often integrated with smart lighting systems and offer the function of a normal switch that can also be controlled on a timer, as part of a macro, or from a smartphone anywhere in the world. They can control appliances, lights, and just about anything in the home that has a switch. They often allow the dimming and control of colours in smart lighting installations too. 

You can find smart switches integrated into outlets or smart plugs, which gives entire outlets a very similar function to smart switches, allowing control of a plug outlet using an app or timer. 

Smart Alarms

Smart alarm systems offer all the same features you might expect from an alarm system like intruder detection but can also integrate a great many smart devices into the security system. These smart alarms not only offer many features of their own but they can be automated into other smart home devices like a smart lighting system.

Smart alarm systems act as a hub of sorts for the integration of many of these other automation systems, but at the core, they make up all of the components you’d usually expect from a home alarm system like motion sensors, door and window sensors. Imagine, however, that a motion sensor could also turn on a light or activate other components of your home automation system.

Smart Doorbells

Another very popular home automation component is the smart doorbell. These devices allow you to access an integrated camera via the internet, as well as record a stream of what it sees. This means that you can see who rings your doorbell live and recorded from anywhere in the world on your smart device, and like the smart alarm system, you can integrate it into other components of a smart home. 

Smart Door Locks

A smart door lock extends the functionality of a normal door lock by allowing remote unlocking of a door based on parameters or conditions that you specify. This might be as simple as being able to unlock the door from an app on your smartphone or it could be more complex – like unlocking a door if a camera reads your car’s licence plate as you drive into your garage.

Smart Cameras

Another device that might become one that integrates into the rest of your home automation devices is the smart camera. These devices can send notifications to an app when they detect movement, and some can even detect what they are seeing. They’re also able to be remotely monitored, of course, so you can log in and view what they are seeing anywhere in the world via the internet.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats offer climate control that can be controlled or set up to adapt to changing readings from temperature and humidity sensors. They are quickly replacing regular manual climate control devices in the home. By using readings from sensors, they can turn fans on and off, and control air conditioning and even humidifiers to make your home as comfortable as possible based on your parameters. 

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This is by no means an exhaustive list of home automation components because there are just too many to list. As you can see, the home automation revolution is well underway, and we already have a wide range of options available to us to accomplish many tasks and automation of the home. As time goes by, these components and their use is becoming more and more simple, and the integration between them stronger.

An Extended list of Home Automation Components

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