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Advanced Skin Lightening & Brightening Face kit, Serum, Whitening Cream

Advanced Skin Lightening

Advanced Skin Lightening & Brightening Face kit, Serum, Whitening Cream 2024

The Korean Esther Choi is spread with a lightening cream. Jyoti Mehta from India whitens his face in a beauty salon. And Tajka Panya Boonchun is crying because the drug used completely destroyed her shiny face. Michael Jackson wasn’t the only dark skinned man to want to whiten.

“I just look prettier with a fair face,” says Estera Choi, who lives in Seoul, who regularly uses Japanese “whitening cream” at night. She doesn’t buy Western-made cosmetics because she thinks Asian ones are better for her yellow skin. This serious translator with a PhD in Polish studies would like to attend special brightening treatments at a beauty salon, but there is simply no time for it. 

He is an extremely busy person: he teaches at the university, writes papers and translates from Polish to Korean subsequent novels and volumes of poems. But the average young Korean woman will always find time to whiten her face. Especially that nurturing beauty is one of her most important activities, which is reminded of by advertisements in the press and television every day. Ads,

So the Korean has a whole range of cosmetics in her bathroom, thanks to which she hopes to achieve the dream effect of pallor. She starts the day by wiping her face with a tonic that brightens the skin, then she applies a cream from the same series, and over it all she applies a foundation in the lightest shade possible and even coarsely sprinkles with almost white powder.

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Advanced Skin Lightening & Brightening Face kit, Serum, Whitening Cream 2024

 It happens that she exaggerates a bit and then her face turns a pale white color, much brighter than in the case of the famous Hollywood actresses, who are her unsurpassed role model. A Korean girl always carries an umbrella in her purse and whenever she has to leave the air-conditioned building onto the street, she spreads it out and maneuvers it deftly so that not a single ray of sunshine falls on her. 

He is not ashamed of his bizarre behavior, which is what all Asian women do. And if she accidentally forgets her umbrellas, then he buys a newspaper and carefully shields himself from the sun. In the evening, the woman washes thoroughly make-up and peel with a special white powder, which – as the manufacturer promises – exfoliates the epidermis extremely effectively and leaves the skin brightly bright. She ends the toilet by rubbing an intensely whitening serum into her face, and once a week she applies a special mask.

But the Korean woman is not a special exception: as shown in a 2004 survey by the marketing company Synovate, whitening creams are used by as much as 40 percent. women in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines. “Women are particularly eager to whiten their skin, because their value is much more assessed on the basis of their appearance than men. White skin is a symbol of the West, civilization, but also the intellect and greater physical attractiveness” – explains Prof. Evelyn Nakano Glenn, gender specialist at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley.

Advanced Skin Lightening & Brightening Face kit, Serum, Whitening Cream 2024

It was noticed very quickly by cosmetics producers who produce special lines of whitening cosmetics for the Asian market. Cosmetic stores in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing or Bangkok always have separate departments where hundreds of whitening products are sold: tonics, peelings, creams and essences. All the major companies are in Asia: Avon, L’Oreal, Lancome, Yves Saint-Laurent, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Revlon, and Procter & Gamble. Every year they earn about $ 18 billion there.

Greek nose and full breasts

But our average and typical Korean woman does not stop at creams: in order to get even a little closer to the European ideal of beauty, she is willing to undergo numerous plastic surgeries. The most popular is stitching the upper eyelid. “This is an absolute standard, almost every woman does it. The point is that Asian eyelids are completely smooth, while in Westerners there is a slight fold. We think that it just looks nicer” – explains the South Korean historian Kim Yeong- deog. His wife had such a procedure already several years ago, even before the wedding.

Dr. Kim says that his students undergo large-scale operations. “After the holidays I have problems with recognizing their faces. I wonder if I know this person or not. Because the nose from a small, Asian one suddenly turned completely into Greek, and the eyes are bigger” – he laughs.

He himself believes that in his homeland, but also in most countries of the region, there is an obsession with improving beauty. Indeed, a few years ago it was estimated that as many as one in ten South Koreans underwent plastic surgery. Patients most often ask for larger eyes, longer noses and fuller breasts, features unusual for their own yellow breed. And – as Dr.

Kim says – no one is ashamed of it anymore. While a dozen or so years ago the procedure was a carefully hidden secret, now everyone, even television stars , will openly admit it. – Even in job advertisements, there is almost always a stipulation that an attractive candidate is sought. Therefore, while recruiting companies are underway, plastic surgery clinics experience a real siege, says Kim Yeong-deog.

The power of advertising

In recent years, however, India has become a real Eldorado for producers of whitening cosmetics. Although this country has always used traditional methods of lightening the skin, known for centuries, now shops with Western products are also under siege . 

“You will be successful in life if your skin has a whiter shade of white,” argued the famous Indian movie star Shah Rukh Khan in an advertisement for the Fair & Handsome whitening cream by Unilever. The spot shows that a dark-skinned and shy boy after a few weeks of using this drug will be more popular with women than the super-handsome Khan himself, the idol of millions of women around the world.

The advertisement for the Fair & Lovely twin cream for women was just as ingenious. The old father of a beautiful dark-skinned girl is very worried that his daughter will not find a job. Indeed, when he goes to an interview with an advertising agency, he hears that you have to look beautiful there. The miracle cream turns out to be the rescue, which turns the girl into a pale beauty. 

She immediately gets a job as a flight attendant, and handsome European passengers open their eyes wide with admiration at the sight of her. This advertisement after protests by Indian women’s circles was quickly removed, but it did not change the fact that the Unilever company earns in India only on whitening cosmetics well over $ 140 million.

Advanced Skin Lightening & Brightening Face kit, Serum, Whitening Cream 2024

“The desire to become like a white man is nothing new in India. This is a legacy after the colonial times, when the racial canon was established, in which white skin meant a higher status in the social hierarchy. And the closer to the ideal of white man’s beauty, the higher the caste” – he explains cultural anthropologist prof. Wojciech Burszt from the SWPS in Warsaw. This is probably why older Hindus, when they see a newborn baby, first check what gender it is, and then they carefully assess the color of its body and comment on it loudly.

Jyoti Mehta, who lives in the elegant suburbs of New Delhi, cares about her complexion. Every day, this 40-year-old woman uses brightening cosmetics, and at least once every two weeks she goes to a nearby beauty salon for a traditional face whitening treatment. The beautician then takes a thin silk thread and runs it over the skin, starting from the neck towards the forehead. He does it very carefully, millimeter by millimeter, gradually rubbing off the outer layers of the skin. The result is amazing: the skin becomes some three shades lighter.

Jyoti is happy because her husband will never spare her money for beauty care. “My wife cannot imagine that she could go between people with dark skin. I understand it perfectly well, because that’s what my mother and grandmother did. We, Indians, have a fair skin complex since the colonial times. , yes, in India, a fair complexion proves wealth and belonging to a better class “- explains Rakesh Mehta.

Pale is smarter

Experts, however, are alarming that caring for the skin is slowly becoming an obsession in India. Children, sometimes even several years old, come to dermatological surgeries more and more often. “Their parents want to lighten their skin so that they do not stand out from other students in school photos” – former beauty queen Sorisha Naidoo recently told in a press interview. Why? “Because in some circles in our country there is still a belief that it does not matter how intelligent and talented you are. It is much more important that you have a bright face” – he says.

A similar opinion is shared by an internet user nicknamed Priyanka, who is active on the Indian lifestyle portal “You have no idea what people with dark skin go through. In the Asian culture they are ridiculed and someone with a fair skin is always looked for as a spouse” – she wrote. Indeed, all you need to do is browse through the dating ads in any Indian newspaper to find out that most of the applicants are fair-skinned and are looking for the exact same mate.

Goal: as light as possible skin tone

The Internet is a place where you can clearly see how important this topic is. Almost every Asian social networking site has forums where people who are interested in whitening and those who have already done it discuss it. “Recently I tried a new cream and I am delighted with it.

After two weeks my skin is three tones brighter and radiant. Exactly like celebrities, I am so happy” – wrote Internet user Mary on the Indian portal Questions about the price of the miracle cosmetic and whether the effects of the use are permanent or not arose immediately. Mary didn’t know the answer, but announced that she intended to use the cream “until it reaches its goal: as bright as possible.”

On another Indian website,, there is a lively discussion about home whitening methods. And there are – as it turns out – dozens. “Take two tablespoons of milk, add a few drops of lemon and rub this mixture in the face” – advises dev_singh to an internet user named Shweta. Another suggests using turmeric with grated sandalwood to give the skin an extraordinary glow. 

There are more suggestions: glycerin, ground almonds and rose water. The only thing that breaks out of the choir is the musiclover, which admits that fair skin looks attractive, but it doesn’t mean that the darker skin is bad. “I know beautiful women with a shiny dark complexion” – he argues. The discussion is summed up by an internet user ssjoshi: “There is nothing to be ashamed of, not every person in the world has fair skin.

Younger people are interested in skin lightening. The Filipino teen portal is full of advice on how to do it safely and effectively. And no one even hides that most of them were prepared by the cosmetics manufacturers themselves.

The penalty for vanity?

Sometimes, however, this overwhelming desire to lighten the complexion is severely punished. Unfortunately, it is mainly those who cannot afford expensive treatments for hundreds of dollars, who buy illegal products. The problem is that many of them contain toxic chemicals that can completely destroy the skin. This is what happened to Panyi Boonchun from Thailand a few years ago. 

This young woman disfigured herself by applying a $ 1 cream that, according to the advertisement, was supposed to turn her into a fair-skinned beauty straight out of colorful magazines. After two months of use, however, Panya’s face and neck began to glow in pale pink and deep brown, and the skin was covered with wounds and itchy lichen. Doctors have prescribed some liniments, but they warn that the changes may be irreversible. “

But why did Panya Boonchun even reach for the cosmetic? Because – as explained by Dr. Nithiwadi Phuchareuyot, who runs an aesthetic dermatology clinic in Bangkok – every Thai woman believes that if she has fair skin, she will get money and a suitable man. “Movie stars are white, and everyone wants to be a superstar,” he explains. In his opinion, in Thailand, dark skin is a stigma that is even reflected in the language. The colloquial curse “tua dam” or black body, is used when the curse wants to humiliate a lower class member.

White Africa?

But – although few people know about it – also African women whiten. “I had light skin, but as a result of stress, and most of all the harsh sun, I turned almost black. Nobody wants to believe me when I say that I used to look different” – wrote a Nigerian named Longoria on one of the internet forums. When she asked for advice on how to lighten the skin, other Internet users even flooded her with suggestions on what measures to use. 

Only Wesleyan, an internet surfer who broke out of the choir of advisers, first sharply criticized the topic of the discussion and then asked participants to move their “dirty whitening talk” somewhere else. “For God’s sake, do not give our country such a terrible opinion. You do not behave like some sick Wacko Jacko” – he wrote angrily,

In addition, in Africa, skin lightening is a big health problem. Most people cannot afford expensive cosmetics that use natural and non-side effects products, so they use harmful substances that can cause skin diseases and even cancer. African women often use mercury-containing soaps, which are produced in Europe as a strong antibacterial agent, and in Africa they are used to whiten the skin – explains Prof. Evelyn Nakano Glenn.

Advanced Skin Lightening & Brightening Face kit, Serum, Whitening Cream 2024

Malangu Ntambwe of the National School of Public Health in South Africa’s Limpopo believes that skin whitening, which is becoming more common in Africa, is a sad legacy of colonialism, when lighter-skinned Africans were treated slightly better by white people than completely blacks. “Today, in turn, research shows that black men prefer lighter-skinned women for their partners” – he wrote in 2004 in a large report on this subject.

Other researchers also argue that women with fair faces are perceived as more attractive, intelligent and even moral. The darker ones, in turn, are essentially evil, malicious, stupid, and even untrustworthy creatures. The blame for this is on the media that promote “whiteness” and “brightness” as desirable, pure, and lovable.

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Can skin be lightened permanently?

The results of bleaching agents and chemical peels are not permanent. However, laser treatments offer a relatively long-term solution for skin lightening. Laser treatment can permanently remove tattoos and birthmarks but not tan and melasma.

What is the strongest skin whitening?

Arbutin exists in two conformations, alpha and beta. The alpha conformation offers higher stability and is the preferred form for skin lightening applications. Medical studies have shown it to be the most effective for skin lightening.

Is Skinkraft good for whitening?

Forehead tan has lightened a bit, it gives fast results and will completely brighten the skin for sure once i finish this whole bottle. So happy! … Skinkraft products are amazing and customised, with a complete skin quiz, I feel changes in my face as my tan started fading.. thanks for a wonderful experience..

Does skin lightening last forever?

Since the skin bleaching creams are not permanent, it means that if you are interested in having your original skin tone back, all you have to do is to stop using the cream. Typically, when one starts using such creams, it takes a few days for the effects to be noticeable.

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