Accessories Every Air Fryer Enthusiast Needs

Accessories Every Air Fryer Enthusiast Needs

3 Must-Have Accessories Every Air Fryer Enthusiast Needs

You have picked an air fryer, learned how to utilize this, and found that a couple of preferred air fryer recipes. While an air fryer is excellent for making healthy french fries, fried pickles, and crispy air fryer veggies, then you may use it to get many more recipes when you’ve got a few additional tools.

For the most enthusiastic air fryer lovers, we picked our favorite accessories, such as baking pans and cooking racks, so which will expand your air fryer recipe repertoire outside chips and chicken wings.

1 caveat–because there are a lot of distinct brands, models, and sizes of air fryers, be certain that you check the accessories you are considering are harmonious with your fryer before adding them to a cart.

Most accessories listing the versions and dimensions of air fryers they will work with, which means you should not need to do a lot of research. Some may even work on your Immediate Pot, so in the event that you’ve got a pressure cooker that they could pull double-duty.

DEMEDO 8 inch XL Air Fryer Accessories

Food Grade Material using FDA Certification – However using kitchen goods with no certification? Stop! They could release toxic chemicals at elevated temperatures that will be damaging to your health. Our air fryer accessories are utilizing FDA certificated substance, which can be 100% secure and fitter.

Perfect Fit for many Brands XL Deep Fryer – All these accessories ideal match for Gowise USA, Phillips, Cozyna, and much more XL air fryers (5.3qt into 5.8qt). The dimensions of these accessories are 8 In.

Dishwasher Safe – They are simple to wash by the dishwasher. The Pizza pan a cake jar has been made from Teflon, which can be heat-resisting, non-viscous, and durable.

Bake your favorite cake from your Cake Barrel, cook yummy pizza at Pizza Pan, Boost your cooking surface using the metallic Holder and also make skewers together with all the Multi-Purpose Rack! The present cookbook can allow you to cook more meals.

Air Fryer Accessories

Customers Review:

There are lots of accessory sets available, however, this one had lots of the things that I wished to utilize my 5.3 and 5.8 air fryers.

The pan dimensions I received was just as described. I bought an 8″ set everywhere and got a 7″ collection and poor client support. I’d have enjoyed a slightly larger cake pan, however, it states 7.5″ and that is just what it is.

The pie/pizza plate is 8″ and the silicone items all fit inside, which sounds like it would be a lot easier to get them out, but that I have not attempted it yet.

The liners were bigger compared to some I had previously bought, but again just 8″ as explained. This is an excellent starter set and also a fantastic value for everything that comes with it in comparison with other places.

I was worried I couldn’t trust that the vendor after my past bad experience, but using Amazon’s return policy, I determined it would not hurt to try out these men because they reveal accurate dimensions in inches from the description. Very pleased to not need to send these back!

DEMEDO 8 inch XL Air Fryer Accessories, 12 Pcs with Recipe Cookbook, Compatible for 5.3 QT-5.8 QT Air Fryer and Pressure Cooker, Gowise USA, COSORI

Price: $30.99

Air Fryer Accessories XL, 8 Inch Set Of 17 For Gowise USA Phillips Ninjia Cosori Cozyna

Made of Food Grade Material using FDA certificate, our air fryer accessories are not any BPA, totally safe, and healthful. Quit fretting about any toxic chemicals.

Air Fryer Accessories

17 Pcs Meets Your Imaging

Our ninja foodie accessories comprise exactly what you want and extend the power of your air fryer.

The Coothery air fryer accessories may match most XL air fryer manufacturers to your Gowise USA, Philips, Ninjia, Cosori, Cozyna, and many air fryer models on the marketplace for 4.2QT 5.3 QT, 5.5 QT, 5.8QT.

Recipes cookbook enables you to broaden your cooking meals and cause you to like cooking with your air fryer. 12 silicone muffin cups are a great ideal for cooking eggs, baking cakes, cupcakes, and bread, preparing frozen snacks, desserts onto a baking sheet, candy making.

Expand Your Cooking utensils and Dishwasher Safe

If you adore your air fryer, picture what culinary masterpieces you’ll be able to make together with the collection of 17 Accessories!

Bake your favorite cake at the Cake Barrel, cook yummy pizza at the Pizza Pan, optimize your cooking surface using the metallic Holder and create skewers together with all the Multi-Purpose Rack! Additionally, every air fryer attachment is dishwasher safe for a fast, simple, and no-hassle cleanup.

Air Fryer Accessories XL, 8 Inch Set Of 17 For Gowise USA Phillips Ninjia Cosori Cozyna 4.2QT 5.3QT 5.5QT 5.8QT Deep Air Fryer with Recipes Cookbook and 12 Silicone Muffin Cups Universal Accessories

Price: $31.99

Customers Review:

Just got a Cosori 5.8qt air fryer. Yup, these sure fit nice. I made egg bites to test and I loved how evenly baked they came out. Everything is dishwasher safe so no fuss or muss.

I recommend getting these over the brand Amazon sells because you get more pieces for cheaper but still high quality.

The overall product quality and value of this is very good. One caution, however. I have a Ninja AF100 and the basket is 8″. The silicone egg bite mold is also 8″.

As such, it makes a snug seal in the basket. That means no air can circulate underneath. When we tried making egg bites, we wasted nearly a dozen eggs which never cooked underneath because of the lack of circulation.

They cooked on top but after thirty minutes the bottom was still liquid. That means, for my model, the egg bite mold is useless which is too bad.

I am sure that if your model has a basket wider than 8″ it will work but not if you have an 8″ basket.

They should have pointed this out as a problem but instead, they said it would work with my model. Perhaps the rest of the accessories will but not the egg bite mold.

COSORI Air Fryer Accessories XL

FDA Compliant & BPA free – Made of healthy and safe food grade and heat-resisting materials, our accessories are FDA Compliant and BPA free, no worry about any hazardous chemicals, enjoy funny and healthy cooking.

6 pcs accessory kit –

Includes 1 x cake pan; 1 x pizza pan; 1 x metal holder; 1 x multi-purpose rack with 5 skewers; 1 x Silicone Mat; and 1 x egg bites mold with lid. Everything you need to cook without costing you more time and money to buy each piece individually.

Scope of application – Perfect for COSORI 5. 8Qt air fryer, also fit for larger air fryers, applicable for Gowise USA, Philips, Ninja, Instant Pot, and most brands of the air fryer.

Nonstick Coating

Enjoy Bonus Accessories – Cook cakes, pizzas, eggs, skewered foods, and more! Included accessories (Egg Bites Mold, Cake Pan, Pizza Pan, Metal Holder, Rack & Skewers, Silicone Mat) expand what you can make and even increase your cooking area in the air fryer.

What is it for?

These air fryer accessories are perfect for making french fries, onion rings, chicken strips, roast vegetables, pizzas, cookies, biscuits, fish, mozzarella sticks, pork, corn dogs, prawns, broccoli and many others with better taste.

Dishwasher safe – All of our accessories are dishwasher safe. Nonstick coating pans, metal rack, and heat-resistant mat & mold, which are durable and easy to clean.

COSORI Air Fryer Accessories XL (C158-6AC), Set of 6 Fit all 5.8Qt, 6Qt Air Fryer, FDA Compliant, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Coating

Price: $31.99

Customer Review:

I made the cobs from the Cosmo Accessory Pack. They turned out excellent. Some reviews complained about them being too young.

This is my 5.8 qt and I think it is quite large. You do not want to interrupt the airflow around the food and you need a little room to get it out of your basket cuz it is too hot.

My only complaint is that they do not include a pair of rubber to use. I had a pair in my hand at Walmart and put them back. Next trip they will be in my shopping cart.

This was my second batch of cooking, which is why you see a wooden skewer, which works well, however, I did definitely find elevated holders.

They were cooked for about 8 minutes at 390 degrees. For medium-rare meats. The other pieces are not thin metal, are non-stick, and of good quality. Happy with the purchase!

7 Air Fryer Tips

Accessories Every Air Fryer Enthusiast Needs
Accessories Every Air Fryer Enthusiast Needs
  1. Preheat your Air Fryer…well, most of the time

It is common practice any cooking component ought to be preheated. I do it occasionally, other times I do not and my food turns out yummy. If your air fryer doesn’t have a preheat setting, then just turn it into the desired temperature and permit it to run for about 3 minutes prior to putting your food.

  1. Use oil in your own foods to your own air fryer…well, the Majority of the Moment

I love to use petroleum on particular foods to assist them clearly but certain foods do not necessarily require it. I use oil vegetables (such as my Breakfast Air Fried Potatoes) and some other battered fish,!

  1. Grease your own Air Fryer Basket

If your food doesn’t call for oil, always have a moment to grease your air fryer basket. I grease mine by massaging, or spraying, a small bit of oil onto the underside outwards. This will make sure your food will not stick.

  1. Never use aerosol spray cans in your air fryer

Aerosol spray cans (such as Pam and comparable brands) are proven to trigger chipping in several Air Fryer baskets. The aerosol cans have unpleasant brokers that simply don’t mesh with the coat on many baskets. It is ideal to purchase a fantastic excellent oil mister or jar.

  1. Do not overcrowd the basket

If you’d like your fried foods to flip out crispy, you will need to be certain that you don’t overcrowd the basket. Putting an excessive amount of food at the basket will stop your meals from crisping and browning. To make sure that this does not occur, cook your meals in batches or invest in a larger air fryer. My very first air fryer was that the Farberware brand that was large enough for four portions of chips and wings.

  1. Shake the basket through cooking for chips, wings, etc..

When you start the basket to shake, then the more air fryer will briefly pause but will restart cooking your meals at precisely the exact same temperature as soon as you go back to the basket.

  1. Spray halfway through cooking

I discovered that spraying oil halfway through cooking receives the very best crisp on many foods. I have a tendency to spray and wait halfway through cooking unless it is a thing that does not require spraying, such as fatty acids. Coated food items must be sprayed. Additionally, spray any contaminated bread stains that still seem halfway through air frying.



With the support of these accessories, your air fryer can practically replace your oven (particularly in case you’ve got a massive version ( such as the Immediate Vortex Plus).

Like air fryers, other countertop appliances have accessories that can allow you to take whole advantage of these, such as Immediate Pot tools and KitchenAid add-ons. Between those 3 appliances, it is possible to handle just about any recipe on the market.

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