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5 Window Dressings to Make Your Home Stand Out

5 Window Dressings to Make Your Home Stand Out

5 Window Dressings to Make Your Home Stand Out

Is your home starting to feel a bit drab? Want to spice it up with some color? Perhaps your old curtains are starting to look their age or just don’t fit with the rest of your room décor. When you are busy looking for new curtain rods, think about also switching out your curtains.

Adding beautiful window curtains to your home brings a heightened level of elegance as well as serving practical functions. You might be looking to add a nice pop of color to a room or perhaps want to add some darker curtains to your bedroom so you can get a better night’s sleep.

Whatever the case may be, there are different ways to spruce up your living space with curtains and stylish curtain rods. Here are five tips for dressing up your windows this year.

Velvet Curtains in a Solid Tone

Which kind of fabric speaks to you? If you’re looking for something that looks sophisticated up close or from a distance, consider buying solid-toned velvet curtains and pairing them to a black curtain rod of your choice.

Velvet curtains have a heavy drape to them, which gives a room a more luxurious and regal aesthetic. If your room is painted beige or white, you might want to consider getting a deep coral velvet fabric to add a pop of color.

Neutral Hues for Any Space

Perhaps you are looking to do a bohemian-themed reading room. Or perhaps you are looking to create a gender-neutral nursery for your soon-to-arrive baby. Whatever the case, picking out some cotton curtains in a neutral tone can make for a comfortable, mood-setting ambiance in any space.

Sand-toned curtains provide a gentle but effective accent, and they go well with a black or bronze-colored curtain rod. You can find curtains with subtle patterns for a nifty edge, especially for a nursery or child’s bedroom.

Matching Vintage Décor with Floral Prints

If you love collecting and displaying vintage décor, floral printed curtains can really enhance this aesthetic. Floral drapes can make a formal living room look even more posh. Look for strong botanical and gardening motifs that can tie your room together. Some of these curtains will require privacy linings so that some sunshine makes its way into the room.

Softer tones work well at enhancing antique furniture, plus you can layer some sheer or billowing white curtains beneath your floral curtains to elevate the room’s look.

Abstract Patterns

Perhaps your aesthetic is highly modern, which is a theme often used for living rooms. You can spice your living room up with curtains that have abstract patterns. Abstract patterns often involve a lot of geometric shapes and bright, contrasting colors.

You can give your room an artistic edge with some curtains that look like they’ve been splashed with paint, a la Jackson Pollock. These tend to pair well with silver, gold, and black curtain rods. They go well with more monotone furniture and walls.

Navy Curtains for Bedrooms – Window Dressings

One of the biggest curtain trends to come out last year were using navy bedroom curtains. This creates a simple yet effective design that gives your bedroom a modern aesthetic. You can choose from a large variety of panels since this tone has become so wildly popular. Whether you choose cotton, linen, or velvet, you can find a fantastic set of navy-colored curtains to provide a good amount of privacy when and where you most want it.

When revamping your living space, a beautiful new set of curtains and a sleek curtain rod on which to hang them can make a huge difference. Choosing the right fabric, tone, and pattern can give your room a stunning aesthetic that will have your visitors asking you for décor tips.

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5 Window Dressings to Make Your Home Stand Out