4 Great Home Additions That Actually Pay Off

4 Great Home Additions That Actually Pay Off

4 Great Home Additions That Actually Pay Off

When it comes to home improvements, the biggest consideration is to consider whether it’s something that will increase the value of the house to you. Thus, the most valuable home improvements are those that increase your home’s worth concerning the amount you spend on them.

Here are 4 home additions that will add value.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom upgrades greatly increase house value. When it comes to bathroom upgrades there’s no need to splurge on fancy fixtures like a jacuzzi. Especially factoring in where your home is located. For example, Orange County room additions require classic updates, like off-white subway tiles and recoating ceramic, porcelain, and fiberglass fixtures so they look like shiny new porcelain.

Further, another way to get the most valuable home improvements in terms of bathroom remodels is by turning your standard bathroom into a universally accessible one. So this means things like widening doorways for wheelchairs, putting in a walk-in shower, lowering light switches, and putting support bars near the toilet. 

Why? America has an aging population. It’s estimated that by 2050 the population aged 65 will increase exponentially. 

Central Air Conditioning 

It’s estimated that while adding central air to an average 2,400-square-foot house could cost upward of $10,000 it’ll boost your home’s value by up to 20 percent. 

Plus, central air-conditioning is energy-efficient. Centralized units have an average energy-efficiency rating (EER) of 11.5 which when compared with the energy-efficiency rating of 8.5 (EER) in single-window models, makes them less expensive to run.

As an added bonus central air won’t block the view the way a window unit does.

Kitchen Remodel

4 Great Home Additions That Actually Pay Off
4 Great Home Additions That Actually Pay Off

Buyers often look first at the kitchen when determining whether a home is worth its asking price because most people want an upgraded kitchen without having to pay a ton of money to get it after purchasing a house. This is why kitchen additions are one of the most valuable home improvements. 

Even better, you don’t have to spend a huge sum of money in the kitchen to get a big return. In fact, the most valuable home improvements in a minor kitchen remodel include:

  1. Modernizing the cabinets and countertops
  2. Upgrading to brand new appliances. Some utility companies offer rebates for buying energy-efficient appliances and equipment
  3. Updating the sink and faucet
  4. Updating the flooring
  5. A fresh coat of paint

Basement Additions 

Even more important than the right lighting or furnishings or over-the-top revamping is a dry basement. There’s nothing worse than that unmistakable damp basement smell. 

Thus, the first thing to do with your basement is to make it dry. If your basement is prone to flooding, leaks, or excess moisture, call in a professional to handle the problem and get rid of that damp smell. 

After this, it’s then a good idea to finish your basement by engaging the services of a contractor to add drywall, insulation, or laminate the flooring. Alternatively, you could convert your basement to another room altogether; home office, home theater, bathroom, etc.

Remember to make sure it’s proportional in quality to other areas of your home. 

The key to adding value to your home is focusing on relevant additions, instead of spending huge sums of money making everything different. Finally, remember to give your insurance agent or carrier a quick call as you’re adding value to your home and may need to increase your coverage. This is because whether you’re hiring contractors or doing the work yourself, you’ll want to understand if and how the work may affect your existing coverage.

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4 Great Home Additions That Actually Pay Off

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