13 Best Men’s Winter Boots Rain and Snow Boots 2021

Mens Winter Boots

13 Best Men’s Winter Boots Rain and Snow Boots 2021

Searching for men’s boots?

It can be a little intimidating since there is so much competition among manufacturers. You’ll want to consider the purpose of your boots. For example, are you looking for winter boots that keep snow out? Do you need boots that will protect your feet against brutal weather, where temperatures can plunge to -30, -40 degrees, or even lower?

Are you looking for boots that have excellent tread for snow travel, or do you need boots that are stylish for sitting around the fire at the ski lodge? Whether you’re interested in men’s boots for hunting, snowmobiling, or just for around town during the cold months, you can find a wide variety of winter footwear to choose from these days.

Most men tend to select winter boots for function (you know, do they keep snow out, do they keep your feet warm, that kind of thing). For the wife or girlfriend who wants to find a nice compromise between both function and style, consider Sorel, Timberland, North Face, Columbia, and L.L. Bean.

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13 Best Men’s Winter Boots Rain and Snow Boots 2021

The best way to get a good idea of the boots currently available is to start your search online. Take a look at pictures, reviews, prices, availability. Narrow your search down to three or four choices, then check for local stores where you can try them on. Many men like their boots to have a little room in the toe and heel since they will most likely be wearing wool or other heavy winter socks.

The Best Winter Boots for Men, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

  • Timberland White Ledge Men’s Mid Waterproof Boot. …
  • NOR 8 Men’s Waterproof Winter Hiking Snow Boots. …
  • Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot. …
  • Skechers Men’s Element Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot. …
  • Timberland Men’s Flume Waterproof Boot.
Men's Winter Boots
Mens Winter Boots

After all, if you’re a man, the fit is most likely your determining factor – if your winter boots don’t fit, you probably won’t wear them!

Once you have your choice made, you might consider looking at Amazon or eBay. Check, too for the large sporting good stores like Cabela’s. Men’s winter boots styles and features change, and these retailers will often close out the current or most recent years’ models in order to make room for the newest versions.

When you can find reduced prices at these retailing giants, this certainly helps the bottom line!

In many places — I’m looking at you, Washington and Oregon — winter means rain and lots of it. For anyone spending the winter dodging puddles and slopping through the mud, these winter rain boots will keep you warm, comfy, and most importantly, dry.

1. Best Overall: Sorel Cheyanne Metro Lace


Sorel tapped their icon Pac boot silhouette and released it with an attractive, city-friendly vibe. Leather on top, rubber on the bottom, it borrows from the duck boot, insulates like a Pac shoe, but wears like your favorite sneaker.

Available in either suede or full-grain leather, the leather upper is waterproof and can be treated each season — which we’d recommend doing. Our preferred leather conditioner is Nikwax.

The 100g of insulation gives the boot a touch of warmth. While it’s not going to be anywhere near as warm as the other boots on the list, we found it cuts that heat-sapping chill you can feel walking around in cold, wet weather.

The Cheyanne ($155) is pretty far removed from the classic Caribou snow boot. We found it flexible, very walkable, and easy to drive in. And unlike its chunky uncle — the Pac boot — the Cheyanne’s lug has functional traction! Maybe the Pac boot will get an upgrade.

Finally, the boot just looks good and layers well with most pants in our wardrobe. This boot could easily slide unassumingly into our work wardrobe, which is hard to pull off with nearly every other boot on our list.

Check price at REI

2. Best Budget: Xtratuf 6″ Deck Ankle Boot


If there were a “state boot” of Alaska, it would be the Xtratuf. Xtratuf makes several models, and we’ve used the thin neoprene Legacy a ton and love it for moderate weather. But a tall rubber boot is tough to pull off outside of the cannery or farm.

Still touting the same slip-resistant, chunky chevron sole found on the Legacy, the 6-inch Deck Ankle Boot ($90) is much more approachable in the lower 48. Two fat tabs help pull the wide-mouth 6-inch hightop over the foot. There’s a little play over the top of the foot, but the heel seats firmly in back.

The lightweight 1mm neoprene wicks moisture away from the feet, so you can bring these out on the water come summer and still keep the feet cool and dry.

At the risk of likening these to Crocs, these boots are quickly becoming the hottest shoe for winter, and Xratuf seems to be aware of it. You can choose from 10+ colors to match your mood.

Check price at Amazon

Best Men’s Snow Boots

3. Best Overall: Baffin Control Max


If your winter starts in October and ends sometime before the summer equinox, then you are looking for a workhorse that can lift the soles and spirits.

Baffin’s Control Max ($255) has a whopping bottom end, dipping all the way to -94 degrees F (-70 degrees C).  We’re going to throw our hands up in mercy at that spec. We haven’t tested them to that level, and hopefully, you won’t have to either. But know that a lot of thought went into trapping heat.

The boot is methodically constructed around thermoregulation. Outside, a waterproof leather exterior is triple-stitched to the rubber rand. Inside, a series of heat-reflecting aluminum membranes, foams, and moisture reservoirs move moisture away from the foot and trap the heat.

Underfoot, a waffle-comb footbed traps additional heat in honeycomb-like air pockets. And the entire boot rides over an aggressively lugged “arctic rubber” that’s tacky on ice.

The boot laces shut with four pairs of giant D-rings. The fit can be a little sloppy, but they’re easy to manipulate with heavy gloves. All in all, the double boot construction does a wonderful job of trapping heat and insulating you from the cold ground.

If you live in a milder climate, these are overkill. And for sure, these things are massive on the feet (the pair weighs 7 pounds).  But if you’re looking for the ultimate cold-winter snow boot, or a boot that works during long periods of inactivity in the cold, the Baffin Snow Monster will keep you warm and cozy through it all.

Check price at Backcountry

4. Best Budget: Kamik Nation Plus


Kamik just can’t be beat when it comes to budget boots. And the Nation Plus boots ($125) are a fan favorite (just look at the 2,000-plus Amazon reviews). They’re waterproof, warm, and impressively durable for the price.

This is a fully waterproof leather boot bonded to a rubber sole. They lace up like a hiker. The removable liner traps heat using 200 grams of 3M 200B Thinsulate and gives them a whopping rating to 40 below. We didn’t test this rating, but they felt plenty warm when hanging around town watching a winter carnival parade.

The soles have a lot of traction for a snow boot — much more than Sorel’s venerable Pac Boot. Paired with its flex and snug lacing system, we found the boot helps you navigate ice and deep snow more easily than Sorels, too.

These are big, burly snow boots. What you gain in warmth and height, you sacrifice in mobility and weight. For more active adventures, we recommend a winter hiking boot. The list price is $125, but we’ve found these on sale for as low as $60. If you are looking for a sturdy, cold-weather boot for occasional use, this one is a no-brainer.

Check price at Amazon

5. Bogs Bozeman Mid


When the drifts pile up and the temperature drops, it’s time for a full-on snow boot. With the height to keep the snow out and insulation to keep toes warm, these snow boots get the job done — and make it easy to do so day after day.

Whether chopping wood or walking the dog, these boots will keep you warm and dry through it all. These bad boys are rated to -70 degrees F (-57 degrees C) and will keep your feet dry through the sloppiest of conditions. The cushioned sole offers excellent rebound and makes for a comfortable all-day boot.

And one of the standout features is the weight or lack thereof. The seamless construction means they’re 30% lighter than comparable boots. They look burly and are built to last, but we were pleasantly surprised that they don’t feel cumbersome. These are also available in a tall version ($150).

Check price at Backcountry

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Winter Boots for Men

A boot that’s perfect in one scenario may be miserable in another. So before we jump into the boots, let’s take a moment to consider how you’ll use them. Here are a few things to help when choosing a winter boot.

Do you need a waterproof boot? Will you often be wearing the boots in rainy, wet conditions? Is slushy snow a common occurrence? Waterproof is great, but it often comes at the cost of breathability and excessive heat retention. It can be worth it, but if you live in a milder climate, water-resistant may prove a better fit.

Does tread matter? These days, shoe sole technology is a science all its own and can truly make or break the shoe. If you find yourself walking and hiking in icy conditions, pay special attention to the tread grip and look for one designed for ice.

What’s up with liners? Many boots have replaced the liner with insulation directly in the boot. The benefit of the liner is you can remove it and set it out to dry between uses. The downside is liners can sometimes cause extra movement and friction, which can lead to blisters and discomfort.

Which boot height is best? The main considerations with height are ankle articulation, keeping snow out, and comfort. If you regularly get out in deep snow and want a lot of support, choose a taller boot.

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6. Best-rated men’s winter boots

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Mid Waterproof Men's Winter Boots

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Mid Waterproof Boot $110 now 27% off4.5 stars, 25,697 reviewsFrom $80

Hundreds of five-star reviewers describe these Timberland boots as “waterproof,” including one who says, “I hiked through mud, snow, and water and my feet stayed completely dry.” Another reviewer attests, “I’ve had no issues with tromping through streams and deep snow with these.” Durable is another word that comes up in hundreds of reviews, including this one, from a customer who’s on his second pair of these boots: “My first pair lasted me almost 10 years. That’s 10 years of hiking, hunting, dog walking, Michigan winters, shoveling snow, chopping wood, etc.” He also describes them as, “more comfortable than any tennis shoe that I’ve ever worn,” and that sentiment is echoed by other reviewers, including this one who says, “I broke them in with one week of light wear before the trip and I never had any discomfort, pain, or blisters.” They’re also versatile and stylish enough that they can be worn to the office: “These shoes are not only tough but good looking. I’ve worn these things to work (an office environment) about 90 percent of the time due to the comfort derived from them.” As this reviewer sums it, these boots are “Completely awesome. Light as a feather. Comfortable and warm. Look good too. Really fantastic boot.” They’re available in ankle height, too.FROM $80 AT AMAZON

7. Best-rated (less expensive) winter boots

NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Winter Hiking Snow Men's Winter Boots

NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Winter Hiking Snow Boots 4.3 stars, 1,471 reviews$47

These hiking snow boots from Nortiv keep feet warm all day, according to reviewers who wear them on the job for several hours at a time. Says one: “Terrific boot in snow and on the ice. I wear mine for work all day long getting in and out of my vehicle and walking up and down numerous unshoveled walks and drives. My feet remain warm and dry all day.” This reviewer, who works in a freezer, agrees: “I work in a 32-degree cooler for 8 to 12 hours a day stocking. These boots are still holding up after a month, which is the first pair of shoes I have had hold up this long. They’re warm and easy to adjust to.” A technician for a cable company, who works “outside in all types of weather” adds, My feet are always warm even in 20-degree weather and dry in snow and cold rain. Great boots for working in all types of weather.” They’re comfortable, too: “Bought them for the snow but were so comfortable I kept wearing them for work,” says a reviewer. Writes another, “I like more than five miles every day in this mountain community, and these boots rank among the most comfortable I’ve ever experienced.”$47 AT AMAZON

8. Best tall men’s winter boots

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Men's Winter Boots

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot 4.5 stars, 1,582 reviewsFrom $140

The height of these boots makes them particularly well suited for cold and wet conditions. And, despite their height, they’re not clunky, according to reviewers.“These boots are super light; I felt like I was wearing a pair of sneakers,” says one. Another writes that “they are VERY lightweight so it doesn’t even really feel like you have bulky boots on, which is a win.” They’re very comfortable, too, according to a mail carrier: “There’s no breaking in period; they’re already comfy and my feet are picky, too.” And like any good pair of winter boots, they are waterproof and warm. “I have used them for snow blowing and snow-shoveling for hours and I haven’t had any issues with water entering the shoe,” says one reviewer. Reviewers also note that for a winter boot, they look nice, like this one who says, “The boots look great and do not have the appearance of the typical big and clumpy.”

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Editor’s note: These boots are currently out of stock, but you can order them now for delivery in late January, according to the retailer.FROM $140 AT AMAZON

9. Best short lightweight men’s winter boots

Skechers Men's Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Men's Winter Boots

Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot $80 now 13% off4.5 stars, 4,456 reviewsFrom $70

Unlike the lightweight Columbia winter boots above, these Skechers boots are just ankle height, but they still provide “excellent ankle support,” according to one reviewer. Plus, he says they’re so comfortable, it almost “feels like walking on a cloud.” And many more reviewers say the weight of the shoes is why they’re so comfortable. One customer owns other Skechers, but none are as light as these. “I couldn’t get over how lightweight they are,” he writes. He plans to use them on a hike in Colorado over the winter and thinks they’ll be perfect for his short-term trip. But a third customer wears them every day at work and calls them “perfect.” He runs a donkey sanctuary and is “on [his] feet all day. “These boots are so comfortable and have allowed me to feel good for my 12-plus hour days,” he writes. Typically it’s hard to find “boots that have a wider toe box that is waterproof and comfortable without spending a small fortune.” It’s “near impossible,” he thought until he found these Skechers winter boots. “Really, you can’t go wrong with Skechers!”FROM $70 AT AMAZON

10. Best short waterproof men’s hiking boots

Timberland Men's Flume Waterproof Men's Winter Boots

Timberland Men’s Flume Waterproof Boot $151 now 34% off4.5 stars, 4,380 reviewsFrom $100

Nearly 10 percent of all five-star reviewers describe these Timberland boots as waterproof, including one construction worker who is on his feet almost all day in all sorts of elements. He describes these boots as “comfortable, waterproof, and lightweight” and confirms that while some boots are more water-resistant, these are “definitely waterproof.” Plus, he adds, “They didn’t need a break-in period at all … They were comfortable right out of the box.” Another customer wanted a boot with “good winter traction and that’s waterproof for slogging through the winter snow and slush” for when he goes hiking in the colder months. “This shoe does all that.” And though they’re not the least expensive options, these boots will last. One customer bought his Timberlands “almost two years ago” and wears them “almost every single day” in the winter. “They’ve held up super well and have stayed waterproof the whole time.”FROM $100 AT AMAZON

11. Best men’s winter duck boots

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Avenue Duck Boot Chukka Men's Winter Boots

Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Avenue Duck Boot Chukka Boot $110 now 39% off4.5 stars, 1,922 reviewsFrom $67

Reviewers love these boots for both snowy and rainy conditions, saying that they keep feet warm and dry. “I bought it as a snow/rain boot to wear in the city, and couldn’t be happier,” says one. “Best snow boots I ever had,” writes another. “Great boot; keeps you warm. I wear these in snow and rain and I’ve had no issues,” agrees a third. They look nice, too, a feature that many reviewers appreciate: “Great looking snow boots that will keep your feet warm and comfortable,” writes a reviewer. “Perfect fit, warm, and waterproof. And I’ve already had a few compliments,” explains another. “ “They look great and perform well in nasty weather,” another concludes. The fact that they’re lighter than your average winter boot was a plus among customers. “They’re super light and excellent in the snow,” writes a reviewer. “Warm and light on the feet,” says another. “Lightweight, comfy, waterproof, and still not too bulky,” says another reviewer who writes on behalf of the wearer. “He’s able to wear them with jeans without feeling too awkward.”FROM $67 AT AMAZON

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12. Best faux-fur-lined men’s winter boots

UGG Men’s Butte Snow Men's Winter Boots

UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot 4.7 stars, 746 reviews$225

Lots of reviewers praise the comfort of these faux fur-lined boots, with one describing it as “first-rate. The lining gives this boot extra cushion.” Another reviewer says, “This may be the most comfortable boot you will ever put on your feet.” And still, another writes, “Love everything, like stepping into a cloud.” The lining also keeps feet warm and toasty: “The sheepskin keeps your feet very warm and looks stylish at the same time.” Others agree, with one customer calling them, “Excellent boots for the cold weather and snow during the winter, especially when commuting on public transportation and having to walk several blocks in the cold. Your feet never get cold in these boots.” Another agrees, saying, “I am a technician that is either on my feet all day or in driving in a company vehicle that has inadequate heat where the temp goes down to zero in the Northeast. My feet are warm and very comfortable all day in them.” As a bonus, “Not only are they superbly warm and comfy, but they never fail to gain compliments from nearly everyone who sees them,” says another. $225 AT AMAZON

13. Best office-appropriate men’s winter boots

Blundstone Dress Series Chelsea Men's Winter Boots

Blundstone Dress Series Chelsea Boot From $130$170 now 24% off4.5 stars, 1,210 reviews

Reviewers love these Chelsea boots from Blundstone because they’re stylish — even office-appropriate — while still able to stand up to snow, sleet, ice, and rain. They’re actually one of our top-rated rain boots for men because they’re great “when the elements are questionable,” says influencer Patrick Janelle, and they work for all types of weather. And reviewers seem to agree with that. One reviewer from Pittsburgh, who dresses business casual for work, says, “I could not be happier with this purchase.

Mens Winter Boots
Mens Winter Boots

They fit like a glove, protect my feet from the cold and wet, and they look great doing it.” Another reviewer from Chicago writes, “These will be perfect for winter. They are very comfortable and stylish, which many snowshoes are not.” And this man from the “Great Midwest” says these boots are “very lightweight for such a sturdy shoe, and easy to slip on and off.” He also mentioned appreciating the waterproofing wax which comes included in each box, calling it a “nice touch” and noting that the boots “still look new after a week in wet, salty snow.” And if you need any more reasoning as to why these are great winter boots, two Strategist writers wear them as winter boots. FROM $130 AT AMAZON

What brand of winter boots is the warmest?

  • Sorel.
  • Columbia.
  • Kamik.
  • Muck Boot.
  • UGG.
  • Merrell.
  • DREAM PAIRS. Skechers. Gracosy. See more.

What are the best winter boots?

  • Best all-around snow boot for men: Kamik Nation Plus. …
  • Also great: Sorel Caribou Boot, Men’s and Women’s. …
  • best A boot that fits like a shoe: Ugg Adirondack III & Ugg Butte. …
  • A lighter boot for easy walking in snow: Columbia Heavenly Omni-Heat (Women’s) …
  • A durable slip-on: Muck Boot Arctic Ice Mid.

What are the best extreme cold weather boots? The Rundown

  • Best Overall: Kamik Snow Boot at Amazon. …
  • Best for Women: Columbia Heavenly Mid Calf Boot at Amazon. …
  • Top Best for Men: Sorel Men’s Caribou Boots at Amazon. …
  • Best for Kids: Sorel Yoot Pac Nylon Cold Weather Boot at Amazon. …
  • Best for Extreme Cold: Baffin Impact Insulated Boots at Amazon.

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